P.O.D. – Lost In Forever

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Check out P.O.D.’s brand new video for the track “Lost In Forever” below along with a behind-the-scenes video. The song is taken Murdered Love, which was recently pushed back to a July 10th release date via Razor & Tie. We also should have an interview here on IVM soon!

12 Responses to 'P.O.D. – Lost In Forever'

  1. JahWarriah says:

    Sick new video. So pumped for July 10th. Between Murdered Love and HOH’s Cold Hard Want, that may end up being the best Tuesday in 2012, or at least imo, haha.

  2. Smacky X says:

    Despite trying to get into it- I am SO bored by this song. I’m glad that the other tracks they have released have given me something to be more excited about.

  3. BigBillSmash says:

    I actually enjoyed this. Always been a fan of Traa, he’s a boss.

  4. jnobel says:

    You can see at 3:57 they totally cheaped out on the astronaut’s gloves. Definitely not part of the official uniform haha…

  5. JAMES says:

    cool they film this near i live :)

  6. mr. zer0 says:

    For the first 10 seconds I thought Sonny was gonna yell “Saatelliiiiiiiite!”
    Awesome vid! Gimme the album already! :D

  7. scott says:

    Satellite came out when I was a freshman in highschool. I listened to that cd soooooo many times. It was my first foray into heavy music. Still one of my top 5 “desert island” cds. So great.

  8. Dave says:

    Not terrible, but def not their best. The only POD vids I really liked we’re Southtown, Rock the Party, Boom, School of Hard Knocks, and parts of Alive.

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