xLooking Forwardx – Down With The Ship

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So here it is ladies and gents. The first song from Academic Research Report. .

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I am Rob Shameless. I have no idea why the Sr staff is letting me help run this fine website. I found out about IVM through a Josiah video on G-rock online lightyears ago. Since then I have been a reader like you to getting bands promoted on here, and now a intern freelance writer. I'm 31 with a wonderful wife, and stepdaughter. I live in Fort Worth Texas. I love all kinds of music mostly hardcore, metal, indie, alt country, and non radio hip hop. View all posts by robshameless

9 Responses to 'xLooking Forwardx – Down With The Ship'

  1. JoshIVM says:

    I dig.

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  3. thruchristalone777 says:

    I like it.

  4. Smacky X says:

    “Maybe if we’d gone more melodic the record sales would be less sporadic.
    Maybe if we sounded more commercial the path we tread wouldn’t have led to Jason Dunn’s attic”

    Love it. haha

  5. I am xLooking Forwardx to this.

  6. http://www.infosol.hu/?help-persuasive-essays Help Persuasive Essays. says:

    Maryland Represent! Love the album artwork.

  7. robshameless says:

    its a continuation of ahoy crew members

    Compulsory Military Service Essay.

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