Good Luck Varsity – Lakes

By Brandon J. on May-4-2012 | Filed under How To Write An Essay Discussion.

The official music video from An Essay About Friendship. for their new track “Lakes”, can be seen below. The band’s new ep “Thrones” will be released Friday May 11th. The band will be posting one new song every day right here at IVM beginning on Sunday morning until the whole ep is released next Friday. What do you guys think of this song? I really like this band and think these guys are super good.

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5 Responses to 'Good Luck Varsity – Lakes'

  1. Love these guys … discovered them on Punk Never Dies 2, and fell in love with their last EP. Excited about the new one coming out … would have supported them in Kickstarter if I had some extra money.

  2. Dissertation Services Uk Nottingham. says:

    GLV and IVM two of my favorite things! Hope you guys like the video. This is the first music video that I’ve ever directed/shot/edited and we had a great time working with these guys to make this thing happen. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the EP as they post it throughout the week, it’s really good stuff.

  3. Authenticity Of Write My Essays Web Site watch. says:

    Attention everyone: We will be streaming one new song from this ep “Thrones” beginning Sunday morning and ending on release date of May 11th (when “Thrones” is officially released). Get ready for some tasty music folks!

  4. Saltine says:

    Good stuff! Lookin’ forward to hearing the other tracks.

  5. LOVE the song.. cool video too.. great work, can’t wait to hear more!

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