Take it Back! Final DVD

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Take it Back! Final DVD

Take it Back! will release their first and final DVD “Stage Dive City” and it’s available for Microsoft Office 2007 Discount. . Watch the promo video, below. [Thanks Synnr Sainte for the news]

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15 Responses to 'Take it Back! Final DVD'

  1. Yorik bruhl says:

    Without exageration, this will always be one of the best bands ever to me. But three albums? Did I miss one? Can’t Fight Robots and Atrocities…and…

  2. David M says:

    They also had a release before Can’t Fight Robots. Can’t remember the name, though.

  3. Yorik bruhl says:

    Hah. Oh. Well, I got the ep which just two songs of Atrocities anyways…
    Never heard anything before Robots. But that album…like a hardcore Dogwood. Best.

  4. robshameless says:

    this dvd is going to be really good. moses from the band thirtyseven did the whole thing

  5. Before their first album came out they had a couple other ’06 demos that were offered for free on their Myspace. And they had a song called Defamator released on a free Facedown Amazon sampler last year. I could’ve sworn they also released an album or EP around that time, but I can’t find any info so I guess it was just the one song.

  6. whoever is singing on this is going to dictate if I get this or not. The guy who sang on the demos after Atrocities was awful live. If it was the original line-up I’d get this in 2 seconds flat.

  7. tim says:

    Does anyone know why the singer from ‘cant fight’ left back then? I’v heard some rumors though..

  8. tim says:

    Does anyone know why the singer from ‘cant fight’ left back then? I’v heard some rumors though..

  9. http://www.fesp.org/?research-papers-netflix-swot-analysis Research Papers Netflix Swot Analysis. says:

    I do seem to remember him being in a band afterwards with The Wedding’s original singer called Holy Spirit Chainbreaker I think. Unless I’m getting confused with someone else.

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