I Am Alpha and Omega Remix?

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I Am Alpha and Omega Remix?

According to the band I Am Alpha and Omega, a remix of “The Roar and the Whisper” will be released May 1st. Discuss.

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6 Responses to 'I Am Alpha and Omega Remix?'

  1. travis says:

    I thought this band broke up?

  2. JoshIVM says:

    Could be interesting. Unlike a lot of people here I think remix albums can be an awesome thing & expose a band to other fans who might not check them out otherwise.

    • Ya, but its been ovadun lately, lol. Erbody in the club getin remixed, lol.

    • evan144 says:

      So true Phil.

    • Smacky X says:

      It’s just like kickstarter or bands doing worship albums, deluxe editions or re-releases. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. There is obviously a demand for it. And if a band is the 1001st band following a trend that 1000 bands have already been a part of, but it gives them exposure, increases their fanbase, helps them make a living, and makes fans happy to be able to buy it, then it seems to be a no-brainer.

  3. Smacky X says:

    Dope. I love these dudes…
    In terms of them being broken up or not… I heard that it was a “not touring” thing rather than a break-up.

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