Devin Shelton (Ex-Emery) – So Far Away

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Devin Shelton (Ex-Emery) – So Far Away

This popular track by Online Homework Vs Traditional Homework. ” compilation. Instead of downloading the whole thing which some of you probably haven’t done yet, I am offering this song for free download below. You may have heard Devin’s voice previously in the band Emery. Check it out and support Devin’s new music.

Listen: “So Far Away” by Devin Shelton
[audio:|titles=Devin Shelton – So Far Away]
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  1. Joeshmooga says:


  2. Buy College Application Essay King#39s. says:

    I miss Devin’s voice in Emery. This song is so pretty, really great composition and phrasing…. *sigh*.

  3. jthejust says:

    Love Devin’s solo stuff. “Just Another Song” gives me chills every time.

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