Faithless Minutes Devoured Releases Sample Tracks

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Faithless Minutes Devoured Releases Sample Tracks

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8 Responses to 'Faithless Minutes Devoured Releases Sample Tracks'

  1. Taylor C. says:

    I’m insanely stoked for this. I can’t think of one good Funeral Doom band with Christian-based lyrics. Antestor got pretty close with its atmospheric “sorrow-metal,” but not quite doomy enough.

    (☞゚∀゚)☞ This is going to be good.

  2. David Coats says:

    Thank you sir! We are trying to make some quality christian doom…

  3. I got to hear some early rough mixes of this stuff, and even without all of the elements present it promised to be some of the most hard hitting doom I’ve heard from the scene for a while. Lots of great talent working on this project!

  4. Too Bad says:

    Too bad Dave rips off other musicians. He’s been doing it for a long time. He doesn’t even know how to make structured music. The structured element in his music comes from the other musicians. He’s left a trail of dissatisfied past collaborators. These won’t be the last, either.

    • David Coats says:

      Im willing to bet this is Either Curtis Cousins, Patrick Robertson or Levi Siegman, All of which have made these same tired claims over and over again but have yet to produce one single bit of proof, Pretty sad that the 3 of you have no lives to speak of so you feel the need to attack others with pure lies

    • David Coats says:

      Another funny thing is not one of these so called musicians have ever stepped forward and said anything remotely close to what you just said, Proof my friend, you words are worthless without proof, Thats what ive said from the beginning to all three of you, SHOW PROOF, Otherwise get a life…

  5. David Coats says:

    And one more thing, i neer once said i was a sturctured musician, That being why i have other musicians do the sturctured parts but you ask every single one who ive ever worked with and they will tell you they got full credit for work done, I am an ambient artist, Not a musician, I have never once called myself a musician, I am a composer, And i am very good at that, My ambient music is made by me 100%, I have every single reason file ive ever worked with to proe that, My whole point is you three have followed me around for a year or more now spreading lies about me, Pat you know for a fact i do everything musically, All you did was contribute some guitar traks which were based off my ideas in the first place, And curt you didnt teach me anything other than how to use reason and adobe, And Levi take a real good listen to BTO, do you really have room to talk about being a structured musician, I dont think so brother, But thats beyond the point, out of the three of you the only one who has any talent is pat, He is worlds above both of you, Sadly he turned into a two faced douche, Someone who i thought of as a borhter, But whatever, You three really need to lay off and quit spreading lies

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