The Chariot Offer Album Details

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The Chariot Offer Album Details

Josh Scogin, vocalist of English Paper Cover Page. the album is basically written & the band will begin recording after returning from the Russian tour. You can watch the full with KaaosTV in Helsinki below.

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  1. Travis Aker says:

    The thing is though I am the one that broke the story

    • JoshIVM says:

      If I do use an email the sender will be thanked. I found yours & as with most of those emails we get, it was already moved to my news folder where they sit until I get around to reading/posting later (weekends usually). I was at work when posting this with no access to my IVM email. This news was reported over the net, which I scour for news regularly. I don’t remember where I saw it while at work, but unfortunately you were not the one who “broke the story” to me. The “Submit News” option does come to my inbox but I rarely use it for stories because (1) I prefer searching instead & (2) Brandon has normally posted the news that comes to us through that method.

  2. Travis Aker says:

    Yet Josh didn’t thank me for it either,go figure.

  3. Chris says:

    They will be on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour with:
    Impending Doom, Abandon All Ships, Oceano, The Acacia Strain, We Came As Romans, Like Moths To Flames, Volumes, Woe Is Me, Attack! Attack!, Close To Home, Secrets, For All Those Sleeping, Glass Cloud, At The Skylines, Texas in July, In Fear & Faith and Hands Like Houses.

    Why isn’t there a heavy tour anywhere this summer? It’s all emo and nu metal.

  4. Logan Flaming says:

    Mayhem Fest has a really good lineup this year. As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, Slayer, I The Breather, Anthrax, Slipknot etc….

  5. Lucas says:

    Josh seems like such a cool guy. This is easily my most anticipated hardcore record of the year!

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