To Speak Of Wolves Unveil Je Suis Fini

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To Speak Of Wolves Unveil Je Suis Fini

AbsolutePunk is premiering a new To Speak Of Wolves track titled “‘Je Suis Fini”. The band’s new album, Find Your Worth, Come Home releases May 22nd via Solid State Records.

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5 Responses to 'To Speak Of Wolves Unveil Je Suis Fini'

  1. Lucas says:

    Man this is super heavy. And that chorus is phenomenal. Based on these two songs I feel like this might just be the “Children of Fire” of 2012 in it’s overall epicness. Anyone else? :)

  2. Brody B says:

    Major improvement off of the debut. I feel like I can fully get behind this. There was just something that was a little off for me in their debut.

    • Jake C says:

      Same thoughts. I think the debut was an amazing album that had all the emotion removed by being too polished. I love it, but there are times it needed the grit that these new songs have. :)

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