Miss Angie Single and Video

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Miss Angie Single and Video

This I Believe Essays. has released a new single and video for the song “Restore”. Watch/listen below.


First off, thanks for supporting my music!

I just released a new single, “Restore”, co-produced by Jeremy Larson who has worked with MuteMath, Switchfoot, and Sleeping At Last. You can download it on iTunes, Amazon, or Bandcamp right now!

“Restore” Download:
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Music Video:

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2 Responses to 'Miss Angie Single and Video'

  1. Do My Essay Uk go. says:

    Nice. And people think lites+ all the otha electro- pop artists r sooooo original. This chik was doin that ova 10 years ago, lol.

  2. AustinG says:

    Now this is a song I can get behind! Wait a minute… why is there a building electro-step part that gets cut off by the verses and bridge? Guess she’s just trying to appeal to a wider audience (more of the “younger” people I guess? haha, I’m not even 21 for another week and look at me calling myself “old” :P).

    I’d love it if she came out with more of this kind of music in the future, minus the “techno tease.” I don’t mind sustained chords (electric keyboard or synth, doesn’t matter to me). But I don’t think the “modern” drum sampling matches Miss Angie’s sound. Regardless, it’s a great song and makes me hopeful for Miss Angie’s future musical endeavors!

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