Upcoming Interviews

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Upcoming Interviews

We have a few upcoming interviews & I want to you know if you guys have any questions for the following bands: http://chemistry.uprrp.edu/tmp/cache/viagra-pill/ Viagra Pill. . Please post them ASAP & make sure to clarify to which band.

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19 Responses to 'Upcoming Interviews'

  1. JoshIVM says:

    Just an fyi, if we don’t get much feedback we probably wont try this again. Not a challenge/threat, just an heads up.

  2. Taylor C. says:

    For 7 Horns 7 Eyes, I was curious to know which track(s) featured Jeff Loomis.

  3. Logan Flaming says:

    For Inhale Exhale: How was your relationship with Solid State?

  4. Lucas says:

    For To Speak of Wolves: What is the general theme of the album and inspiration for the lyrics? What is your favorite/most personal song on the album? What inspired the artwork?

  5. Josh says:

    Inhale Exhale – In what direction is your new music heading? What lyrical themes will be on the new album?

  6. username says:

    For Inhale/Exhale- What lead to you picking Red Cord Records, and if you don’t mind could tell us why you guys left Solid State?

  7. TheArchangel says:

    For See The Light: Why did your pianist/keyboardist leave? and Why didn’t you ‘hire’ a new pianist/keyboardist?

    (IMO, the keyboards was the selling factor for me on ‘Maranatha’)

  8. says:

    To Speak of Wolves: What was it like going into the studio with Gage as the new vocalist? How will this new album compare to your last one, aside from the obvious vocalist change? How is it different musically?

  9. JahWarriah says:

    Inhale Exhale: A while back a new song from you guys was posted on the Facebook page for a studio. (I presently cannot remember its name, but I’m pretty sure it was a studio, was it not?) The song was called “Your Eyes” and it sounded great. Will this song be on the new record? If so, will it be altered in any way from the original, aside from the fact that it was a demo (if I’m not mistaken)? Also, when will we hear new music from you guys, and when will the release date / album artwork both be set in stone and let out to the public? Are there any guest features on the new record? Finally, welcome to the Red Cord family. I’m looking forward to the future of/for you two.

  10. Joshua Andre says:

    I’m not a fan of those artists… any other interviews lined up? maybe ivm could interview mercyme, switchfoot, big daddy weave, moriah peters, debra arlyn, other ccm artists in the future…

    • Iaya97 says:

      Heh I can’t really see a Big Daddy Weave or MercyMe interview on IVM. It has always kinda been focused on the indie/punk/metal side of things.

    • fusse says:

      I wouldn’t expect those around these hoods. Even though we now have more CCM reviews I assume that interviews will stay in more non-CCM genres – there are plenty of sites offering CCM interviews. I think for us it’s more important and interesting (to me at least) to get more interviews from bands that aren’t covered so much around the rest of the net…. But what do I know. I don’t do content for us :D :D

    • JoshIVM says:

      We’re working on a MM one currently. CCM will be sporadic but they could happen. You’re more likely to find them on other sites though.

    • Joshua Andre says:

      mercyme interview? cool! I’ll keep my eyes peeled! btw will this format of asking ivm readers for q’s with bands for interviews going to be for every ivm interview? (I have a few q’s for mercyme!!)

    • JoshIVM says:

      I haven’t decided yet. Normally we don’t announce the interviews but I had a few coming up so I figured I would.

    • fusse says:

      i think it’s actually been quite common to ask for reader questions when it comes to interview, but of course not all have been used :) or has this been more based on who is the reviewer and how they approach?

  11. Jake C says:

    Inhale Exhale: How was the writing process for the new album? Did not being on a label while writing it make it go better/worse/have no effect at all?

    To Speak Of Wolves: What inspired the new dark sound that “Stand Alone Complex” showed? Can you elaborate more on the lyrics to that song, especially the line “If I’m wrong, I’ll hold my head high, I’ll let God spit in my face”?

    7 Horns 7 Eyes: How is “Throes Of Absolution” different from the EP and why did it take so long to come out?

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