Family Force 5 EP & Video Update

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Family Force 5 EP & Video Update

Phd Thesis Writers Block. will be releasing their new EP, titled III.V, on May 1st along with their new video for “Wobble” (which was supposed to release on April 10th). The band will also be recording a new music video for the track “Zombie” from May 11-13 in Columbus, OH. The band will begin a Kickstarter on April 17th to fund the video. In the video below you can hear a clip of another new track “Cray Button”.

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  1. Chris says:

    Given that they play a really popular kind of music, conventional wisdom would say that if they were really good at it, they could afford their own music videos.

    In their defense, the economy is really bad.

    I really don’t think piracy is the biggest problem in the entertainment industry. You’ll likely see The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises shatter records because people will probably like them, but people have less disposable income than they did 5 years ago. SLLLLLOOOOOOW RECOVERY. #RonPaul2012

    • It’s not necessarily that “more” people are filling theaters, it’s that they are picky about what they choose to spend their money on and the fact that ticket prices are so high probably helps some of these “blockbusters” reach their goal(s) more quickly. I think The Hunger Games has thrown everyone for a loop because I don’t think anyone expected it to generate the amount of business it has done so quickly. You are right Chris that the economy sucks right now and is not really improving for the most part. The media is sugar coating everything and supplying us with useless news to keep our minds off the reality. People are still out of work and unemployment rate is definitely still high. In regards to the music industry, yes things like “Music”, “Movies”, “Entertainment” are seen as luxury items that many can do without when cutting back expenses. I am sure parents who are struggling aren’t so willing to hand their kid(s) $10 to buy an album like they would years ago. Same goes for $12.50 movie tickets (or more when you factor in 3D and IMAX rates). I do feel some compassion for these bands that have to take matter into their own hands and use services like Kickstarter to try and raise funds for these project. Good thing for us fans is that we do get something in return for “contributing”. [End rant]

    • Chris says:

      I agree, Brandon.

      I am not trying to dissuade FF5 fans from giving them money. I was just thinking about how LMFAO, Katy Perry, Breathe Carolina and Cobra Starship have made it big (none of which really deserve it). Family Force 5 is tapping into a market – some may call it “cheese” – that is huge right now. I’m a little surprised they aren’t making more money. Then again, I don’t give them money, so it’s not all that surprising.

    • Write An Essay About Climate Change. says:

      Hey Chris, didn’t you hear–Christian Metalcore is all the rage ;) Seriously though, a lot of Christian youth are still clinging to bands of the metal/metalcore genre so a lot of other styles aren’t really “in”. I see a stylistic change on the horizon but the “Christian” market hasn’t caught on to it yet (for the most part). I would say 75 % of my press releases/news I read is all about punk/pop-punk bands yet the “Christian” press releases I receive are either about 1) Metal(core) 2) Worship 3) Rock. So either the Christian market is sailing their own course or like in the past, they are a few years/months behind ;)

    • Chris says:

      Yeah. I don’t see anything in Family Force 5’s lyrics that would prevent them from being on radio, nor going on tour with these popular generic, overproduced pop artists.

      Then again, some artists I listen to – Evangel, Shai Linne, Owl City – haven’t made it on pop radio lately, but would resonate with pop and hip-hop audiences.

      I think what Family Force 5 does is rather forgettable, but it doesn’t bother me either, as long as I don’t get stuck listening to it.

      On the other hand, that worship you mentioned irritates me considerably. Anyone with discernment who’s spent time at these “worship services” that often features 15 minute versions of Hillsong and Jesus Culture mushy “Jesus” love songs, will want to place their leg in a wood chipper.

    • Chris says:

      The solution for Christian artists may just be better radio stations (which they have little to no control of), better tours, and better festivals. I appreciate what IVM does, even if I don’t see enough Lamp Mode on here. ;-)

      Tooth & Nail can’t be solely to blame for why artists like Dogwood and the Undecided didn’t sell hundreds of thousands, and even if those artists had, there’s no guarantee they would still be together.

      That said, if I were to put together a roster of 12 Tooth & Nail Artists and 6 Solid State artists, Living Sacrifice would be one of the only current members to be signed.

  2. A Well Written Narrative Essay link. says:

    “Cray Button” isn’t that amazing of title BUT the song sounds really fun. Nice party song.

  3. By the way “Zombie” sounds like a true return to their roots, and it, along with the “Superhero,” have pretty obvious religious metaphors.

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