Kickstarter Roundup: April 3rd

By Brandon J. on April-3-2012 | Filed under Research Paper On Broadband Services.

I am going to do one post today detailing the various Kickstarter campaigns taking place right now, some of which you might not be aware of. If you feel we missed one, please drop the link in the comments and i’ll add it to the post. Check out this Kickstarter roundup, below. Remember, no one is forcing your hand to engage in these “campaigns”. People do it because they want to be a part of the album making process and receive actual merch in exchange for contributing.

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44 Responses to 'Kickstarter Roundup: April 3rd'

  1. How To Write A High School Application 16. says:

    Congrats to Metavari for funding their new album a few days ago: Pay For School Essays.

  2. You forgot The Glorious Unseen!

  3. Logan Flaming says:

    Stryper said their planning on launching their Kickstarter later this week.

  4. KeithX says:

    That’s a pretty impressive list of bands.

  5. epicarson says:

    blood of the martyrs?

  6. howabout everlife? i think they are a christian band.

    There’s quite a few kickstarters that have finished- Jimmy Needham (hymns project), Vota (Son’s and Daughters), Chris Sligh (2 independant albums), Jeremi and Amy Richardson (half of Avalon- worship album), as well as Lara Landon (Overcome- out May 1st).

  7. btw, everlife are in the process of recording their kickstarter video… don’t knwo when it will be online

  8. Ben Ambrose says:

    Oceana too:)

  9. brian says:

    You should just have a kickstarter tab like you have an Album Release List. Even though it might be a pain to maintain (rhyme points), there seems to be so many of these things now-a-days.

    • fusse says:

      This to me sound like a good idea… but you also pointed out the challenges pretty well :)

    • JoshIVM says:

      It would be a lot of work. Not as much as the Album Release list but quite similar because you still have to regularly check up & look for new ones. I think Brandon should just stick to doing a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) news post if he wants.

    • fusse says:

      One way it could work would be a user based submissions… you guys could send us a link, goal, en date etc. etc. through a form, it would go on a queue and when approved by staff, would appear on the page.

      Hey now that I typed that, it sounds that it could actually be pulled off… What do you guys think, would this be a good idea?

  10. Tim says:

    I hope The Glorious Unseen gets funded.

  11. Tim says:

    Also, does the fact that the Showbread album has not been fully funded as quickly as last time mean that a lot of people were put off by their last album or that their ideas this time have been too ambitious and people cannot relate? I still expect it to be fully funded in the end but just interesting to consider.

  12. Jeremy says:

    Big Tent Revival

  13. Jeremy says:

    I don’t know if these are still going, but John Elefante, Shaun Groves

  14. Lucas says:

    Planning on supporting Showbread, The Glorious Unseen, and The Classic Crime even though they’ve gotten a lot of backers already. I was about to suggest Project 86’s Kickstarter but apparently that ended last Winter. Don’t know how I missed that..

  15. Brandon says:

    Elisa Ray still has 2 hours left to go but they have completely funded their project.

  16. Chris W says:

    ive done metavari and joy e

  17. This one isn’t kickstarter, but Paul Colman is going to be doing a new album soon, via Indiegogo- check out this youtube video

    I don’t think the project is online yet

  18. WarriorSam says:

    that one for Fallstar is for a new van :)

  19. fusse says:

    Did you readers see my suggestion above… would anyone be interested in that feature?

  20. Joshua Andre says:

    this isn’t kickstarter, but here’s Paul Colman’s latest

    • AustinG says:

      Ok, either you’re trying to be sneaky (and it’s not working), or you have a brother/twin who has a STRONG RESEMBLANCE to you (i’m going with the former, as two people posting almost the exact same thing with the very similar pictures seems odd). Haha, I don’t mean anything personal by this, just an observation :)

    • JoshIVM says:


  21. Joshua Andre says:

    AustinG, i’m not sure what your above comment was trying to say… Yes I do have a twin brother; he is a reviewer at this site, and yes, we have similar interests.

  22. John says:

    The Classic Crime finished at $86,277 and Blood of the Martyrs finished at $2,959, both successful.

    Looks like Supertones are gonna make it, less than 2k to go. Still surprised about some of the others though, like The Glorious Unseen only has half the funding so far =/

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