To Speak Of Wolves Debut New Lyric Video

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To Speak Of Wolves Debut New Lyric Video Mbaessayhelp Com. . Check out the album cover and press release, below.

First single from sophomore album Find Your Worth, Come Home, out May 22

Track features guest vocalist Micah Kinard from Oh, Sleeper

March 27, 2012 – With a writhing beast of a new album waiting in the wings, North Carolina hard rock misfits TO SPEAK OF WOLVES are giving fans a taste of the ferocity to come with the release of the first single, “Stand Alone Complex.”

Careening off the rails with frantic snare blasts and caterwauling riffage, “Stand Alone Complex” is not only the first track released from the forthcoming Find Your Worth, Come Home – available online and in stores everywhere May 22 via Solid State Records – but it also serves as the first sample of the unhinged vocals of new TO SPEAK OF WOLVES frontman Gage Speas, the spark plug driving this band into wild new territories with an album they never dreamed they could make.

Listen to ‘Stand Alone Complex’ Now:

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“Musically, we feel this song is a great first look into the new record,” says drummer and founding member Phil Chamberlain. “It’s a fast and intense song, a good mix stylistically from the new album as a whole. The song features guest vocals by Micah Kinard from OH, SLEEPER on the bridge and has one of our favorite guitar riffs as a climatic ending.”

“Lyrically, Gage wrote about a time in his life when he was questioning his relationship with God, and the subsequent realization that a person can only decide for themselves the status of that relationship, instead of letting the actions of those around you influence that decision,” he adds. “The song also deals with the people in Gage’s life at the time, like Micah, who helped him come to that realization and understanding that God is real no matter what is going on in the world around you.”

Equal parts rabid ferocity and melodic euphoria, “Stand Alone Complex” is a fitting introduction to Find Your Worth, Come Home, which sees the revitalized lineup reaching into darker, heavier and faster territory. It’s an album of rediscovery, and an album that freshly stamps what TO SPEAK OF WOLVES is about, from the title on down. Find Your Worth, Come Home is the follow-up to TO SPEAK OF WOLVES’ heralded 2010 debut, Myself < Letting Go, which catapulted the band onto the national stage with its road-rash riffage and soaring, arena-worthy choruses. Relentless touring alongside likeminded bands such as UNDER0ATH, AUGUST BURNS RED and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME underscored the fact that the Greensboro, NC quintet were a force to be reckoned with. The band quickly became a beacon within the hard rock and metalcore scene, despite – or perhaps because of – their unwillingness to become yet another facsimile spewing forth endless breakdowns and Auto-Tuned choruses. TO SPEAK OF WOLVES refused to do either, and fans loved them all the more for it.

Decibel praised the band’s “bloody knuckled screamo-core, diamond-cut choruses and post-rock discordance,” while taste-maker Absolute Punk cut straight to the point, writing: “Myself < Letting Go is a wondrous begining for TO SPEAK OF WOLVES, leaving their future radiant with promise.”

Now, driven by the dominating vocal presence of Speas, TO SPEAK OF WOLVES are ready to blow the doors wide open. “This record is something that we’re incredibly proud of,” Chamberlain says. “We couldn’t be more stoked and proud of what we’ve created with this album. We are excited and can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

Select Praise for 2010’s Myself < Letting Go:
“Bloody knuckled screamo-core, diamond-cut choruses and post-rock discordance… There’s a weird, compelling alchemy at work here. [8/10]” -DECIBEL

“A breed of its own… There is more to this band than meets the eye.” -OUTBURN

“Myself < Letting Go is a wondrous begining for TO SPEAK OF WOLVES, leaving their future radiant with promise” -ABSOLUTE PUNK

“Myself < Letting Go is a fantastic record… Everything about this record, from the guitars to the vocals, drums and bass, screams talent.” -THE NEW REVIEW

“If you’re looking for a streamlined take on the metalcore genre with all of the essentials, then you’ve come to the right place… a very strong start to this band’s career.” -DECOY MUSIC

Upcoming Tour Dates
Apr 22 – Worcester MA @ Palladium (New England Metal and Hardcore Festival)
June 15 – Stone Mountain GA @ ATLANTA FEST
June 22 – Wilmore KY @ ICHTHUS FESTIVAL
June 23 – Mineral City OH @ ALIVE FESTIVAL
Aug 2 – Gilford NH @ SOULFEST
Sep 15 – Shippensburg PA @ UPRISE MUSIC FESTIVAL

30 Responses to 'To Speak Of Wolves Debut New Lyric Video'

  1. TheArchangel says:

    I found this to be a different approach for TSoW… Fast, aggressive, and catchy.
    I’m highly anticipating the new album!!

  2. Bgs Movement Disorders Essay Prize. says:

    [comment edited]

  3. Lucas says:

    LOVE this. I definitely hear The Chariot. Like their more subtle use of clean vocals in the chorus too. And then Micah Kinard just seals the deal. Man if the rest of the record is this good it could totally be on my AOTY list.

    • MrM says:

      Yeah I definitely thought the Chariot right off the bat too! I didn’t even notice the cleans in the background at first though, had to go back and listen. I wouldn’t mind if they were more dominant, I like the break from the intensity of the screams

  4. Persuasive Essay Paying College Athletes link. says:

    Love it.

  5. JoshA says:

    So awesome. Stoked for this record!

  6. Boaz says:

    The best part was they played a couple of the new songs last tour and they were even better live.

  7. I definitely enjoyed it. I think the song (and likely the album) will take to grow one me, which is usually a good thing. I do miss Rick Jacobs though – his vocals were so incredibly unique. Glad they kept their unique, snare-heavy drum beats though.

  8. MrM says:

    Not many things get me more excited than guest vocals of Micah Kinard, Ryan Clark, or Sonny Sandoval ^_^ I guess guest vocals by Andrew Schwab might be the greatest, but I’m not aware of him ever appearing on anything? :/

  9. Shane McKnight says:

    My actual first thoughts were a mix of Inhale Exhale (later works) with either Lengsel or Mantric (both from Norwey…Extol fans should know of them), but only a little bit. I can see references to the Chariot but I don’t think it’s chaotic enough (as in feedback and such). Either way I’m loving this though.

  10. Shane McKnight says:

    I find it strange that both this album and their previous albums were both released while I was/will be in Bolivia on a missions trip. I didn’t go on the trip last year, when they didn’t release an album. Meaning I won’t get to get the album until I’m back stateside.

  11. JoshIVM says:

    Lyric video added & re-posted. Clearly, the majority likes the track, so how about the lyrics?

  12. Tim says:

    Music is really cool, but the video gave me headaches!

  13. Jake C says:

    Cover looks like Demon Hunter’s “Summer Of Darkness” hahaha but this is awesome, AOTY? O.O

  14. mr. zer0 says:

    I had to look away from the video to ensure the awesomeness wasn’t just projecting from the cool vid…rest assured the song is awesome too! Very intense…creepy…si, me gusta!

  15. Chad Daniels says:

    Great friends with these guys. I’ve heard most of the album already. Tons of clean vocals, and lot’s of heavy riffs like this song.

    Seriously.. I’m very anal about my tastes in music, but this could be my AOTY!!!!! :-)

  16. Travis Aker says:

    Sweet I love the song,it of reminds me of old Norma Jean,like during the Bless they Matyr Kiss The Child days. The lyrics are awesome too by the way. So powerful.

  17. Chad says:

    I’ve heard several songs off of the album. Lot’s of clean vocals… this is LOADS better than their first!

  18. Sam says:

    Not bad. The feel kind of reminds me of TDGL-era Underoath, that sort of manic intensity that’s just between funny and disturbing (I mean that in the most complementary way possible – I’m trying to describe “In Regards To Myself” or their “Writing On The Walls” video). I have to admit I like this new vocalist’s style better – the old guy had decent cleans but a pretty generic metalcore scream. Consider me interested.

  19. fusse says:

    Liking what I hear :) If the album as a whole has a lot clean vocals there must be plenty left as this song had none :D

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