Mr. J. Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot

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10 Responses to 'Mr. J. Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot'

  1. Check out the remix with a verse from Shad: 2buy levitra online viagra.

    If you don’t know who Shad is, I’d highly recommend checking his stuff out too.

  2. This guy needs to get more attention. All his stuff is amazing.

  3. mr. zer0 says:

    J will always be doing damage in the underground hip hop scene…Still pray The Procussions get back together, they were splendid! Not many people know this but aside from being a talented rapper, Mr. J can play several instruments…this guy is real.

  4. Mr. J is some HIGH quality rap out there. Glad to see he’s receiving some recognition on here. =)

  5. Kurtis says:

    The only part I liked was the girl singing the chorus…anyone know who she is? He was just alright, not the type of hip-hop I like…Shad is good though!!!

    • Iaya97 says:

      Just alright?! Hmmm. The girl’s name is Giannina Ashe.

    • Kurtis says:

      the lyrics are strong but his vocal styling doesn’t impress me, it’s flat. I listen to hip hop like I do rock music, I want to get pumped up I want to feel power mean juiced excited, and with this I just felt bored… Thanks for the girls name though

  6. Jason F. says:

    Kurtis, I would urge you to listen to his album Saudade if you felt bored by his delivery. He slowed it down on this track because of the message. Tracks like The Weak End will definitely pump you up. He definitely has a variety of styles, and musically he is doing things most hip hop artists or ANY genre musicians would dare to.

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