The W’s New Website

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The W’s New Website

Apparently The W’s have a new website right here. If you scroll all the way to the bottom it says “You might see or hear something new”. I don’t know if that means “new” music or just rarities we’ve never heard before. The W’s were a swing/rockabilly/ska band that released two albums on 5 Minute Walk before breaking up. For all the info you need on The W’s check out wikipedia. Who wants a W’s reunion?

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13 Responses to 'The W’s New Website'

  1. I would!!!! All of these awesome bands keep reuniting.

    • Brandon says:

      I really want Sick of Change and Hangnail to reunite. Ghoti Hook would be cool but I know that’ll never happen.

    • Yes!! Hangnail and Ghoti Hook would be awesome!! I’d love to see the Blamed get back together, too.

    • Brandon says:

      Yeah Justin, that’d be cool. Of course with The Blamed, you’d have to ask yourself which version do you want to see back? The “21” version, the “Frail” version, the “Again…” and “Forever” versions, or the fugazi-like version on everything after. I actually heard that The Blamed was playing Cornerstone this year but I have no clue what version it’ll be. As much as I am excited about “new” music, a small part of me loves stuff from the past as well and I get pumped when a band reunites with the right intentions and to entertain us all again.

    • Yeah, the “Again” and the “Forever” versions were awesome. Also, loved “Give Us Barabbas” a lot. I was a big fan of a lot of other bands around that time. Dogwood, Huntingtons, the Undecided, The Dingees, etc. Still lots of good stuff in the early 2000s.

    • Unfortunately, the closest festivals I’ll probably find myself at this summer would be Warped, and Kingdom Bound in Rochester with the gf. Would love to see the Blamed!! Always wanted to do Cornerstone. But I’ll have to settle for Project 86 at KB. :)

  2. jdski says:

    The better question is: Who DOESN’T want a W’s reunion?

  3. Chris says:

    I would slay many, many dragons with my own bear hands (yep. Bear hands. Not Bare hands. Please keep up ;).) to see Sick of Change or Dogwood reunite.


  4. Len says:

    Hangnail did one show… so it COULD happen. I would poop my pants if Hangnail and Sick of Change came back, I so so so loved those bands.

  5. Nice. I rememba i saw em at tomfest 98, they put on a great fun show+ couples wer swing dancin everywer, lol.

  6. jim says:

    no thanks. Just listend to the devil is bad the other day… it was great back then, but I really don’t want to hear new music like that again. ha.

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