Rocky Loves Emily – Secrets Don’t Make Friends

By JoshIVM on March-14-2012 | Filed under Culture Dissertation. Writing Custom Code In Sql Reporting Services. & you can check out the album cover below as well. In other news, the band will be announcing dates for the headlining run this April very soon.

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  1. How To Write A Good Reflective Essay. says:

    So, one of Doug Van Pelt’s (HM) twitter posts this afternoon said that these guys have a song about sexting? I’m curious. What is this band about? I can never get through one of their songs. The music just bores me to death.

  2. epicarson says:

    That was.. terrible. haha.

  3. Ryan says:

    I liked this band…. This song is not something I like. awwww D:

  4. Essay Order Importance. says:

    That girl… I know a lot of videos have the “hot girl”. This video didn’t even have that!

  5. Derek O. says:

    All music is absolute crap in comparison to this. Best. Band. Ever.

  6. Sam says:

    (While watching) Whoa, is this going to be a mature song about how secrets ruin relationships and honesty really is the best policy? No? You want to make it another high school revenge fantasy song about being a douche to a girl beyond what she deserves? Okay! Why don’t we just throw in a butchered version of the old “fool me once, fool me twice” aphorism together with her causing a one-second total non-conflict and a mean-spirited fakeout reconciliation? And while we’re at it, why don’t we set the whole thing to Brandon Ellis’ obnoxious voice and third grader lyrics and, heck, let’s give it the most boring backing music style known to man…lazily picked summery acoustic guitar with some light drums to keep the “beat”! That will totally show people how much pain this girl is causing him!

    (Sorry for the overreaction, and I know there are horrible girlfriends out there, I just really hate how songs like this express that.)

  7. Dakota says:

    I’m a Tooth and Nail/Solid State “fanboy” and i can honestly say i have no idea how this band got signed. this is absolutly terrible

  8. Dissertation Research Writing Construction Student see. says:

    So i know there’s a lot of hate here!! But I will say that I find this to be a very fun song. Sometimes you need something lighthearded, ya know? I’ve seen them perform it on this tour and last, and they do it well.

  9. JoshIVM says:

    Even though it isn’t my favorite genre, I would sign a band like this. It’s not necessarily about what you like as a record label owner, by what product the consumers want. And trust me, there’s lots of people who like music like this.

  10. TheArchangel says:

    May I start complaints about the video?? :P

  11. Josh says:

    I think it’s alright to say you don’t enjoy a band but I don’t believe it’s right to tear the band down too much. Imagine if you guys were in the band and you read such discouraging comments..

    • says:

      Same. I have little respect for people who comment negatively like “these guys are lame” without saying anything else. I would more than appreciate the reasoning for such comment in a building up manner that could benefit the band in some way.

      I can’t say I’ve never been guilty of such behavior myself but I try not to.

      Constructive criticism is what we should, especially as Christians, practice.

    • JoshIVM says:

      I have to disagree with both of you actually. I can agree that we should encourage when it comes to spiritual lives, but media/entertainment/etc I have trouble saying we cannot be critical. I can respect fusse’ stance that we should at least try to give a legitimate reason why we don’t like something though, but in my personal life I welcome all opinion, positive or negative.

      As far as if I was in a band or not… Why would I care if someone I don’t know & have no relationship with said something negative about music they didn’t like? If a little comment like that bothers you then a) you’re in the wrong line of work & b) you need thicker skin.

    • fusse says:

      bro. i my mind constructive criticism includes the negative, doesn’t try to be all happy joy joy :) but it doesn’t stop there. so negative ain’t bad as long as one explains the reason for such negative words — leads to beneficial. if they won’t yea then who cares, those are just words in the air really.

      and i do agree with you about that last sentence, true that.

  12. Brandon says:

    Lot’s of bands like this or in their genre– All Time Low, We the Kings, The Maine, Every Avenue, Mayday Parade, Forever the Sickest Kids, Sparks the Rescue, Mercy Mercedes, etc. Among teenagers, this music is definitely popular especially with the female audience ;) I dig some of these bands just because I am cheesy like that. Guilty Pleasure? maybe so.

  13. Iaya97 says:

    Okay, I will say it: I have enjoyed listening to Breathe Carolina and Hot Chelle Rae before (only one or two songs apiece, though). And I was enjoying this song until the lead singer’s voice (and lyrics) came in. Both are too whiny to be listenable for me. As far as the music goes, I like the surf-pop direction they were attempting, but…it could’ve been much better.

  14. andrew says:

    *vomits*. FROM. EVERY. ORIFICE.

    • Ryan G says:

      for that to happen this would have to exceed the horror of “my humps” by black eyed peas, “holdback girl” or something similar – this isn’t the greatest, but not THAT bad!

  15. Jordan says:

    I guess now everyone sees what I meant by my last comment, even if it did get censored. These guys suck.

  16. Ryan says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my post above. These guys had a solid EP last year! I loved it and their single was great! It was a lot like The Maine’s first album. This song, however, is just super-lazy and I was expecting something more interesting… I’m just disappointed

  17. Tim says:

    This is terrible music. It’s done much better by several other bands. Hope that’s constructive enough!

  18. Um…I’m gonna be in the minority here by being both positive and negative.
    I think the lyrics are really, really dumb. There isn’t any true depth to them.
    HOWEVER. I think the music itself is catchy–they just need a totally new subject to sing about.
    The video…is…so…BAD. *headdesk* Seriously, they need to lose the whole thing.
    Constructive enough? I hope so. :)

  19. I don’t like his voice, but the music didn’t lose me as a fan. It’s mostly the video I have a problem with. I know this band doesn’t label themselves “Christian”, but they’re on a Christian label, can they at least not make a video with a bunch of half-naked chicks in it?

  20. You shouldn’t be surprised. it’s a probably a general mainstream music video director.

  21. Brandon James Ellis says:

    I read all of these comments and I appreciate everyones feedback both positive and negative. I think sites like IVM are a great outlet for this type of discussion. Ps. Children 18:3 does rule <3 -Brandon (RLE)

    • Ryan G says:

      very gracious of you to keep it classy, Brandon! having thick skin can be tough.

    • Lucas says:

      SO classy! Don’t believe the hate. The majority of is into indie rock and hardcore/metal anyway. Besides judging from the like bar on that video you guys certainly aren’t short on fans. :)

    • Brandon, I like your band and your music. The only thing that disappointed me was the video itself. I along with many guys I know struggle continuously with lust and wish not to be reminded of it when watching a video from a band we like.

    • scott says:

      Bunnyslippersman, if you can’t handle this video never go to a waterpark… or outside…

    • Tim says:

      Yeah, very gracious, appreciate that.

      In terms of the music, just not my cup of tea!

    • scott, I’m not saying I can’t “handle” it, I’m saying these guys are known as a Christian band, so they should act like it. If this video or was done by a secular band, I wouldn’t care, they wouldn’t know better.

      In a minute I might be tempted to quote Scripture at you. :P

    • rowdyrob says:

      Is there any dude that would get hot and bothered by this vid? Honestly?

    • scott says:

      Bunnyslippersman So your saying all Christians are the same? All have the same beliefs? All should follow your personal views on what girls should wear when they go swimming?

    • scott says:

      Just rewatched the vid. Where are these “half naked chicks” that your talking about Bunnyslippersman? I saw MAYBE a 2 second clip with a girl in a bikini in the background… What are you basing your opinion on?

    • Way to go on the positive reaction to all the negativity, sir! I really think your band has great potential! Keep working on it!!

    • Re-watched it. Going to have to side with Scott, BunnySlippersMan. There’s barely a full shot of any female in a bikini. Maybe a couple seconds worth. That’s it. This is a very very tame video compared to some others that have come out in the “Christian” industry. I’ll smear it in a bit more: There’s almost nothing close to being “erotic” about this video, bro. ;)

    • Sam says:

      @BJE: I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of your guys’ music, but I gotta give you props for having the guts to accept criticism gracefully (and for liking Children 18:3). My previous comment wasn’t anything personal, I just think the song and video are a little too harsh to the girl. Then again, I’ve never been in a relationship, so what do I know?:P

  22. jthejust says:

    Not as bad as all the negative comments would suggest. It’s an all right song.

  23. Eko says:

    On a more positive note, I like the album art a lot.

  24. Lucas says:

    When I listen/watch the song/video with a mindset of “this is supposed to be cheesy” I actually find myself enjoying it. It’s not my favorite song ever but it’s pretty darn fun and catchy. I think you guys just need to lighten up.
    And don’t forget the nightmare that is Design the Skyline. That ought to put things into perspective. :)

    • Jake C says:

      DTS’s album wasn’t terrible actually that “Surrounded By Silence” song was a total publicity stunt hahaha and it worked! They sound like Chelsea Grin mixed with A Skylit Drive when they’re being real with it and it (can) work for them at times. Not saying I like then, just thought I’d point that out :P

      And this is just meh for me. Hope they do better with other songs on thi album though :)

  25. XWriting on the WallsX says:

    Crappy music with a crappy video.

  26. JoshIVM says:

    Are we really still discussing this? Move on.

  27. Brandon says:

    Does anyone notice the old school “Compact Disc” logo on the album cover?

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