Maranatha (Ex-Symphony in Peril) “Incarnate” Now Available

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Maranatha (Ex-Symphony in Peril) “Incarnate” Now Available

A release sure to cause a commotion and some healthy discussion is this new album “Incarnate” from one man band, Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit). the “Incarnate” album by Maranatha below (name your price on bandcamp).

“The heaviest band anyone will hear this year. a one man band project. the master mind behind maranatha you may ask is Collin Simlua ex symphony in peril bassist/drummer. Lyrically speaking, “Incarnate” is an EP questioning America’s Christian culture. Heavy stuff about a very serious topic!”

How Collin describes it:
“In a world where God is known as an über-capitalist, misogynistic, backwards, fag-hating pig, Maranatha is addressed from one hypocrite to all hypocrites.

Maranatha does not exist to project hatred or judgment. This project is a call to a community from directly within it. A call to act justly. To love mercy. And to walk humbly.

If you are reading this and you have a deep disdain for God – one that has its roots in a deep disdain for Christians – Maranatha does not seek to invalidate your convictions, or even change your mind. What Maranatha does seek to do is contend that the god you experienced wasn’t real in the first place.”

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33 Responses to 'Maranatha (Ex-Symphony in Peril) “Incarnate” Now Available'

  1. scosand says:

    When is the Synedrion/Maranatha split coming out?

  2. Phd Research Proposal Development here. says:

    I’m quite interested in everyone’s thoughts. I for one like this concept.

  3. I for one like the music. It’s done really well.

  4. ezekieldeal says:

    I’m into this. Want to dive more into it though. Do you know if there is anywhere he speaks more about the content of the material and such? Or is anyone going to be doing an interview with him?

  5. James Baldwin Collected Essays. says:

    While aspects of his sentiments are over-idealistic, his passion is commendable, and the music is solid.

  6. Mokey says:

    Take these three things:
    The boldness of Horde.
    The concept of Blue Like Jazz.
    The atmosphere of Advent.
    And I think this concoction gets you pretty close to Maranatha. Not sure of my opinion yet but I’m sure this guy’s heart is in the right place.

  7. eman says:

    “In a world where God is known as..(so on so on so on)…”

    Im not sure what part of the world he’s talking about. But there’s a ton of Christians in china, Africa, middle east ect ect that are praising God for being NOT that.

    I get it that there are some Christians in America who cause this image of God to happen. But there are a TON more Christians who represent Christ truley. That minority just speak way louder.

    And I would like to say that Collin Simula is not a hypocrite. Just Becuase you sometimes sin does not mean your a hypocrite.

    Anyways. I would like to see an interview. I’m talking a lot based on what I’ve read so far.

    And I’ll check out the music asap. :)

  8. says:

    We were thinking about doing an upside down cross on a shirt because of the whole Peter thing and to show people it wasn’t so much a bad symbol, but after a long debate decided against it because in this day and age it does send the wrong message. I Used to love Symphony in Peril. WIll have to check this out. John

  9. i for one feel like it is about time christian artists started pushing the limits a bit/be thought provoking. i would also like to add that i am beyond stoked to hear a christian band embrace that style of hardcore. i back this 100%

  10. Aram Wahler says:

    Really fantastic in my opinion. I agree with the top poster, 100% for this.

  11. bobbythebuff says:

    Heavy. I’m into it.

  12. scosand says:

    This is exactly what I needed.

  13. iSkelly87 says:

    If i remember correctly Colin was the drummer?

  14. Update: been listening and the music is fantastic!

  15. DT says:

    Very cool sludge sound and much better lyrics than most bands I see on here. I actually refrained from commenting on a recent band that grossed me out for their weak attempts at showing Christian love, ha. So, props there.

    However, from reading the description I honestly expected more from the lyrics. It looked like they would be more in-depth. They’re good but a little too generalized at times. That can make it easy for people who could benefit from the message to agree with the lyrics, point at others, and not realize it’s actually a reflection of how they’re living.

    Still, I dig it. I’ll download it soon and hope to hear more.

    • tommy says:

      it’s hard to do an entire theological dissertation in the course of a hardcore e.p.
      he started the dialogue. now it’s up to the rest of us to continue it.

  16. Thanks for your support everyone. You don’t know how much it means.

    For those of you wanting a little more clarity on this project/concept, head over to buzzgrinder, where I did an interview with Seth.

  17. Chad says:

    I was a huge Symphony in Peril fan….

  18. Nick says:

    I actually like this way better than Symphony in Peril. I wasn’t much of a SIP fan, because I was hoping since Jonas fronted it that it would sound like old Zao and it didn’t. This on the other hand is awesome. I just wish the vocals were harder. They seem a bit weak for how heavy the music is.

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