Rottweiler Records News Update

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Rottweiler Records News Update

A bunch of cool stuff is happening in the Help Writing Essays For College. camp. Check out a news update below, including news about that upcoming Soul Embraced album, FBS, Lust Control, and more.

Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes at Diversity College Essay. :

Rottweiler has just signed Christian punk rock icons, LUST CONTROL!! Look for a new cd to be mixed by Rocky Gray very soon!!

Grave Robber, FBS, and Behold The Kingdom have officially been booked at Cornerstone on The Underground Stage

Every Knee Shall Bow is preparing to record with Josh Barber (War Of Ages) next month. They’ve been absolutely tearing the Little Rock, Arkansas area to shreds. Look for a digital only E.P. release from EKSB within the next couple weeks! The original demo tracks are being remixed by Rocky Gray as you read this. You will want this e.p. for sure!!

FBS just returned from tour and is diligently working on their third full length, which will be recorded in the very near future and mixed by Rocky Gray for a late Summer/early Fall release. Guitar abuser, Josh Detty has made it clear that this new album will be a perfect blend of Motorhead rock and roll, GBH style punk rock, and old school Judas Priest metal flair. Josh has also stated, “If you have a problem with that. . . TOO BAD!” (Josh, I don’t think anyone has a problem with that!!)

Soul Embraced has shared several demos with Rottweiler Records central and I gotta tell ya, sceptics, detrators, doubters, and music snobs. . . you have no idea what’s coming down the pike! It’s our humble opinion that Soul Embraced is about to unleash the most brutal, nasty album of their carreers. Yeah, we know. . . some of you like the first album. Well, “Mythos” is gonna slap you around like you owe it money! Just wait!!

Final Surrender sent word from Bangalore, India this morning that they have written 6 songs and are halfway through writing their debut on Rottweiler Records. If you are a fan of Final surrender’s traditional Indian stylings coupled with their own brand of brutal metalcore like we are, we’ll get very excited because Drummer, Jared Sandhy has this to say: “The Indian style is shaping up so vast and Brilliantly with the Metalcore! Just wanted you to keep things in prayer
and cant wait to see this album glorify God! My Warm Regards to all at Rottweiler!” After speaking to Jared, he’s promised to deliver an album unlike anything our American ears have heard yet! This will be mixed by Rocky Gray as well!

Behold The Kingdom – Derrick Young is writing some very brutal, technical and melodic death metal that’s gonna blow your face off on the next BTK cd. BTK is also opening for Project 86 April 18th. Stay tuned for tour info regarding the possibility of BTK and a certain ex-vegetable with a rather large cranium.

Grave Robber is planning some chaos and insanity for this year’s Cornerstone Festival. Also, an April tour and a May tour. By now, you should be aware that Grave Robber’s fourth and best album was released already.

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