Last Chance Marie – This Is a Song, Not a Statement

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Last Chance Marie – This Is a Song, Not a Statement

I am proud to bring you a brand new song from independent melodic punk rock band, Last Chance Marie. The song is titled “This is a Song, Not a Statement”. Lyrics and links can be found below. Enjoy!

Listen: “This is a Song Not a Statement” by Last Chance Marie

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Last Chance Marie “This is a Song, Not a Statement” Lyrics:

“She’s lost in the alcohol trying to drown away her sorrow.
Her friends let her take the fall, left with slit wrists and sad tomorrows.
You can see she’s empty by the way that she crys.
You can see she’s melting from the tears thats in her eyes.

She never knew that He took a bloody nail to save her too.
She’s just a prayer away from destroying the sinning heart she’s made.

She’s passed out on the floor dying from overdose,
her head’s pounding more and more the broken heart is what hurts most.
It seems she’s got nothing left and no where to turn,
with your last and final breath, scream for an exit before you crash and burn

She never knew that He took a bloody nail to save her too.
She’s just a prayer away from destroying the sinning heart she’s made.”

We’re a band made up of Bible College Students who use our musical talent to bring some light and hope into very dark and ‘Hopeless’ places. Here is the bio posted on our facebook page:

“Life is about choices. You decide what you are going to live for. Love or Hate, Yourself or Others, Conformity or Individuality, For God or for the World. You have to decide to believe or not to believe. But there is a lot more to simply believing or not believing. Whatever you choose, you have to pursue it with everything you have.
Last Chance Marie exists for the soul purpose of presenting thesechoices to you. To show you what we have chosen to live for and pursue with everything we have. To show you the path that we believe one hundred percent is the truth.

We encourage you to make these decisions now while you still have the chance to. You might find that you have already made your choice without realizing. A choice that you are not happy with. A choice that you cannot change because you missed your last chance.”

Last Chance Marie on the Web:

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4 Responses to 'Last Chance Marie – This Is a Song, Not a Statement'

  1. iamjustin says:

    isn’t there a children 18:3 song named last chance marie?

  2. Shawn H says:

    This band has been around for a few years now….:)

  3. JoeyLJ says:

    I swear I hear a The Offspring riff somewhere in there…

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