7 Horns 7 Eyes – Divine Amnesty

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7 Horns 7 Eyes – Divine Amnesty

7 Horns 7 Eyes has released an exclusive stream of their new song “Divine Amnesty” on metalsucks.com. The track is off of their upcoming album “Throes of Absolution”. Thoughts? [Thanks thruchristalone777]

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12 Responses to '7 Horns 7 Eyes – Divine Amnesty'

  1. CellarGore says:

    Too bad Shiv is one of the biggest turnoffs ever.

    -rides off on squeaky tricycle-

    • JoshIVM says:


    • CellarGore says:

      No, I’ve just seen him on different forums and in Monotheist. Is it wrong to say I disliked him as a person? I’m sure it’s wrong. Yeah… I’m a bad person.

    • DT says:

      Agreed. A lot of people in the “Christian” community are lame in serious ways, though. Some just aren’t as forward about who they are. Those ones are worse imo because everyone’s not given fair warning of who they are. Maybe you’re a turnoff of a person and we don’t know it. Maybe I am.
      People can change, though. So, who knows?

      It still doesn’t make you “bad” to create boundaries based on what you have known about him. That’s smart.

      The song sounds great.

    • The music’s alright. It’s good, but it doesn’t reinvent the wheel much. No big deal, though.

      But I feel you too, CellarGore. Shiv has a really annoying online presence. His twitter is often loaded with coarse language and bizarre stuff. The music sounds not too shabby. Honestly, take it with a grain of salt. Viewing the band as being a Christian or spiritually-based group? Whatever makes it fit the box for you. But for all we know, maybe they’re the new Zao. Loads of good music, but an equal amount of ambiguity. We’ll see.

    • JoeyLJ says:

      Well, I usually based a band’s spirituality with how much metalsucks.com’s community hates it.

      Has there ever been a Christian band they didn’t hate? Or wait, i might be thinking of lambgoat, or is it both?

  2. taras91 says:

    whats wrong with him?

  3. Kevin Fitz says:

    Shiv just trolls everywhere. Hahaha.
    I know him from awhile back on the Demon Hunter forums, before it became TBR.

  4. Kevin Fitz says:

    Yea, he was one of the major trolls there. haha

  5. JoshIVM says:

    Expect a review of this album soon. It’s brutal

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