The Devil Wears Prada Part Ways With James Baney (Keyboardist)

By Brandon J. on February-23-2012 | Filed under I Don Wanna Write My Paper.

The Devil Wears Prada Part Ways With James Baney (Keyboardist) Custom Power Point Presentations. have parted ways with their keyboardist, James Baney. No word on if they’ll replace him or just discontinue use of keys in their songs. Read their facebook message below.

With great deliberation and difficulty, we have decided to part ways with our keyboardist James Baney. James will always be family to TDWP, being one of the most well-intentioned people we know. Our prayers to James in beginning a new chapter with his wife back home, and our endless gratitude to TDWP fans for understanding. We’ll see you at a show soon.
-The Devil Wears Prada

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8 Responses to 'The Devil Wears Prada Part Ways With James Baney (Keyboardist)'

  1. I see this as a good change. They are really trying to abandon the scenecore style. James was a phenomenal keyboardist, and add great things to the bands earlier stuff. I definitely see TDWP being more of a metallic thrash hardcore band in the future.

  2. Huh. Well that is news. Always sad to see a longtime member go. I’m glad the band made an actual announcement instead of just showing up on tour without him or with a new member.

  3. kyle says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of tdwp, but I was always impressed that they had all original members and seemed like a tight-knit group. Now only if they can get rid of the clean vocals….

  4. stevo says:

    I totally understand any guy who chooses to stay with his wife instead of being on the road so many times in a year. I wouldn’t like the idea of them not looking for a new Keyboarder though… most of their songs only make sense with the keyboard sounds included.

    • JoshIVM says:

      Actually James came out & said he was kicked out & didn’t leave because of his wife. Check his Twitter account.

  5. I think that a band of 6 must get complicated and as much as keyboard parts can be implemented into hardcore, I find it’s not necessary. I also feel as though not much of their video journals or other things emphasize him, so I haven’t really gotten a taste for who he is as a person. Having never gone to one of their shows or met the band however, I don’t really know how large or small a role he plays in the band dynamics.

  6. Tres Van Dusen says:

    okay, so…i’m not real excited with the split, but if you have ever gone to a tdwp show you will know that James Baney was an awesome performer. Not only was he the hypest guy at the show, but he made the experience memorable. I, for one, think that he is a big part of tdwp’s sound with his samples and keyboard playing. Not many keyboardists can mold with todays hardcore, but Baney made it happen. I believe that he will be missed.

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