Close Your Eyes – Erie

By Brandon J. on February-16-2012 | Filed under Dissertation Bildung Nachhaltige Entwicklung.

Another new Close Your Eyes music video can be seen below. This video is for the track “Erie” off of “Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts”

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8 Responses to 'Close Your Eyes – Erie'

  1. Daaang. They just do NOT stop releasing videos, do they? I love this song. Cool video for sure.

  2. Brandon, why’d you take my post down then re-post it?

  3. Phil Recognition says:

    i’ve read, don’t know how reliable it is. but i’ve read that they’re releasing a video a month for the whole album. it’s been out for about 4 months, and there’s been 4 videos so far. perhaps?!

    this one is probably my favorite so far

  4. mr. zer0 says:

    Just awesome. Love the song. Love this band.

  5. Business Management Dissertation check. says:

    So…what happened to Andrew? He hasn’t been in any music videos, or in the track-by-track interview thing with the band, or in the new photo shoot, but every website I check says he’s still in the band? Anyone have any news on this?

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