Album Release List Updated 2-14-12

By JoshIVM on February-14-2012 | Filed under Book Reviews To Buy.

Album Release List Updated 2-14-12

I have done the monthly update ofBuy Photoshop And Dreamweaver Mac. & added lots of new release dates, some changes, & as always, a bunch of TBAs. If you have anything to add or correct email: josh[at]

4 Responses to 'Album Release List Updated 2-14-12'

  1. Daniel says:

    According to Brian “Head” Welch’s Facebook page Love and Death will come out April 24.

  2. JoshAries says:

    To Speak of Wolves said that they’re new album is planned to come out on May 22nd.

  3. Essay Writing In English Pdf check. says:

    Speakin of albums: Anybody know the status of the new evadown album that was supost 2 b out like a year ago? They put out 2 new songs then left us hangin, lol. Teezas. Kinda like wen unashamed sed they wer “reunitin+ workin on new music”, lol. Or the strongarm reunion that was supost 2 happen like 4 years ago, rememba that? Lol.

  4. Smacky X says:

    Project 86 is currently tracking vocals…I’m glad things seem to be progressing quickly with that new album!

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