The Burial Plan New Album, Will Release on March 27th

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The Burial Plan New Album, Will Release on March 27th

Accounting Assignment Help Melbourne. have developed and grown as a band immensely since starting in 2005. After releases on Strike First Records and Sancrosant Records, they are now signed to Facedown Records for the release of their new album Lights and Perfections. Their third release is a dynamic, progressive metal album that is as powerful as it is convicting, both musically and lyrically. The four individuals that make up The Burial are masters of their craft and it shows. A follow up to 2010’s The Winepress, Lights and Perfections was recorded at Random Awesome Studios (A Plea For Purging), and will be released March 27, 2012 on Facedown Records.

“We are so grateful to be a part of the label and are stoked to hit the road with new material.” – Todd Hatfield

The Burial will be playing Facedown Night at Write The Essay. on April 7, get tickets here.

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7 Responses to 'The Burial Plan New Album, Will Release on March 27th'

  1. TheArchangel says:

    Sounds pretty awesome! Excited to hear the rest of the album and what The Burial can truly offer!

  2. Really liking this. For some odd reason, reminds of Becoming The Archetype.

  3. Sounds really awesome!

  4. Mike K says:

    I’m also getting the BTA vibe and in the best way of it(the older stuff joke;)
    and good lyrics. the song is awesome!

  5. Jake C says:

    That’s sick :D I love their new sound

  6. Jimmy says:

    Kinda Extol feel as well

  7. Yorik bruhl says:

    Oh snap, pumped!

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