Solid State Records Sign The Overseer

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Solid State Records Sign The Overseer

Solid State Records is pleased to announce the addition of Arkansas road warriors THE OVERSEER to its roster of trendsetting acts. Read more about this signing, below.

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The surging hard rock outfit has been dominating the Southern underground circuit as of late with a relentless touring schedule and a rousing catalog of pummeling riffage, savage breakdowns and vocal cord-rupturing vocals. Inspired by bands like Thrice and Underoath, THE OVERSEER have three goals with their music: To elevate, to transport the listener to a place that’s emotionally honest … and to stir up one hell of a mess in the moshpit.

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All of those elements are on full technicolor display in the band’s debut single “Secrets,” available for download on iTunes beginning today. The song is the first taste of THE OVERSEER’s as-yet-untitled debut album, being recorded now in Atlanta’s Glow in the Dark Studios.

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Download ‘Secrets’ on iTunes Now:

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“Everyone almost always has a secret or something to hide, and it eats you up inside,” says vocalist Anthony Rivera of “Secrets.” “The best thing to do is to let it out – to ‘come clean,’ as the end of the song proclaims. The song is a good blend of our heavier side, which is everyone’s initial take on the band, and a bit of our softer side which I feel really bleeds out well in our upcoming debut record!”

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Proving they’ve got the work ethic to back up their talent, THE OVERSEER have spent 400 days over the last two years touring as an unsigned band and winning over the fans the good, old-fashioned way: By playing their hearts out and grabbing listeners by the throat with an artful brand of dynamic, hard-hitting rock. It’s been a fruitful run for THE OVERSEER – if not always glamorous. “There’s really nothing like sleeping in a van in a different Walmart parking lot every night and showering once a week – or less,” laughs bassist Bradley Riggs.

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The sacrifices paid off when the band achieved one of the goals the members had set from the beginning – getting signed to Solid State Records. “Growing up, I would buy any record they put out and was never disappointed,” vocalist Anthony Rivera says of his new label home. “Signing with them has been a dream come true.”

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Needless to say, the excitement is mutual. “THE OVERSEER’S commitment to touring and their exciting live shows over the past couple years made them stand out to me,” says Solid State A&R rep Adam Skatula. “They’re able to stay on the road all year, and the energy in the room when they play is truly remarkable. After hearing the first few tracks from their debut record, we’re extremely proud to have them be a part of the Solid State family.”

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11 Responses to 'Solid State Records Sign The Overseer'

  1. SJatcko says:

    This is awesome! I have been following these guys for a while now, congrats!

  2. Trend-setting might be an over-statement in reference to The Overseer, but these are good guys who have worked their tails off for the past several years and should make a decent addition to the SS roster. Definatley happy for them and look forward to seeing where they go from here.

  3. Ty says:

    Wait….singing and screaming?

  4. metalhunter says:

    I liked their EP a lot, let’s see what these guys can turn up.

  5. CellarGore says:

    Ohhay this sounds good! :D

    -hears generic cleans-


    /slowly closes door

    • Justin (the other) says:

      I was about to say the same thing. I want to support artists with spiritual integrity and honesty. But I’m scared that the rest of the stuff that this band comes up with will continue to sound like a Rise Records’ toss-off.

    • Sam says:

      Oddly, the cleans were my favorite part and the screaming was what turned me off – and I say that as fan of this type of music. I like the whole DTGL-era Underoath vibe they have going on, but one of the best things about that sound was how loose and varied Spencer’s vocals were (talking, shouting, even actual singing), whereas this guy just seems to be doing the same one-note growl that everyone else is doing. The breakdowns also sound a little too thin, but maybe it’s just these headphones.

  6. Jonathan says:

    This is pretty good. I can definitely hear the UØ influence, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

  7. zinnyzxx says:

    MIght not be bad as long as they don’t listen to devil wears prada when they record the new album

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