An Honest Mistake – If I Told You This Was Real Would You Believe Me?

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It’s finally here, the official music video for “If I Told You This Was Real, Would You Believe Me?” by Malaysian pop-punk band, Admission College Essay Help Kaplan. .

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24 Responses to 'An Honest Mistake – If I Told You This Was Real Would You Believe Me?'

  1. Luke says:

    Their faces do not seem to match their voices =P

  2. That was fun. Makes me miss my days in a pop-punk band :D

  3. stevo says:

    I like the video, it’s fun to watch. I’m not familiar with the band… are they christian? Does anybody know?

  4. Ryan says:

    Why do people ask if a band is christian if said band is posted on a website that covers christian bands? Does not compute.

  5. that was actually a fun music video and the production quality was amazing. that coupled with the fact the band looks like they’re 15 years old on average could be promising for them in the future.

  6. Jon Campbell says:

    Enjoyable and entertaining pop punk with some synth and strings for extra fun. Sometimes the female vocals remind me of the band 1997. I do wonder whether they can actually play their instruments because the video doesn’t prove it, but the music sounds good.

  7. Love it! Super cool people with fantastic music. :)

  8. jthejust says:

    I absolutely loved this! Very high-quality pop-punk. Do they have an album I can buy?

    BTW, the violin gives it an almost epic feel. Me like. :)

  9. Silent Music says:

    Very cool music video. I dig it.

  10. Brandon says:

    Old video:

    “If I Told You This Was Real, Would You Believe Me” (Acoustic)

  11. Luke says:

    I hope no one took my previous comment as “racist”. I just meant they sounded VERY American…just as someone from Malaysia would not expect me to sound like a native Malaysian.

    Anyway, cool video.

  12. Ben says:

    I Can’t Believe It! What a lovely coincidence! My favorite punk band is from the same country as my best friend! oh, good video too. Yeah my friend’s friends LUV this. Cuz theyre Malaysian!

  13. Iaya97 says:

    Wow this is a definite step up in production from their self-titled release. I like ow the drummer is constantly cheesing.

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