Best of 2011 by Chris Works

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Best of 2011 by Chris Works

Top 20 Albums

  1. Victorian Halls – Charlatan
  2. The Venetia Fair – The Pits EP
  3. lights – Siberia
  4. Patrick Stump Truant Wave EP
  5. I See Stars – The End of The World Party
  6. Cobra Starship – Night Shades
  7. lady Gaga – Born This Way
  8. Breathe Carolina – Hell is What You Make It
  9. AWOlNATION – Megalithic Symphony
  10. D.R.U.G.S. – S/T
  11. Panic! At The Disco – Vices And Virtues
  12. Skrillex – More Monsters and Sprites EP
  13. Zomboy – Game Time EP
  14. The Soulless – Isolated
  15. Protest The Hero – Scurrilous
  16. Patrick Stump – Soul Punk
  17. love Begotten – Ugly Dirty Poor
  18. Swimming With Dolphins- Water Colours
  19. Blood Command – Hand Us The Alpha Male
  20. Eleventyseven – Sugarfist

Top 10 Songs

  1. A Crush Is A Crush – Victorian Halls
  2. I’m Still Amazed – The Venetia Fair
  3. You Belong To Me – Cobra Starship
  4. Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) – Patrick Stump
  5. Sail – AWOlNATION
  6. The Only Thing You Talk About – D.R.U.G.S.
  7. The End Of The World Party – I See Stars
  8. Blackout – Breathe Carolina
  9. Organ Donor – Zomboy
  10. Bad Kids – lady Gaga

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5 Responses to 'Best of 2011 by Chris Works'

  1. Thesis Mba. says:

    i think i liked Soul Punk more than Truant Wave, good to see them both listed though

  2. Derek O. says:


  3. Mokey says:

    blood command, skrillex, and the venetia fair would make my list as well. I haven’t listened to elventyseven’s new one yet.

  4. I don’t know why, since I usually hate that type of song, but I really enjoy Breath Carolina’s “Blackout.”

  5. Chris W says:

    anyone who was a fan of the blood brothers I highly recommend checking out the victorian halls and blood command albums. and Bmer i like alot of soul punk but truant wave was more my style

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