Best of 2011 by Brandon Jones

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Best of 2011 by Brandon Jones

Top 50 Albums

  1. Craig’s Brother “The Insidious Lie”
  2. Theocracy “As the World Burns”
  3. Phinehas “thegodmachine”
  4. Cool Hand Luke “Of Man”
  5. The Swellers “Good For Me”
  6. Midnight Hour “Self Titled”
  7. My Epic “Broken Voice”
  8. Hands “Give Me Rest”
  9. Thrice “Major/Minor”
  10. Mute “Thunderblast”
  11. Transit “Listen & Forgive”
  12. Yellowcard “When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes”
  13. Face to Face “Laugh Now, Laugh Later”
  14. Falling Up “Your Sparkling Death Cometh”
  15. Manchester Orchestra “Simple Math”
  16. Nothington “Borrowed Time”
  17. The Civil Wars “Barton Hollow”
  18. Blink 182 “Neighborhoods”
  19. Oh, Sleeper “Children of Fire”
  20. Ray Torres & The Mercy “Self Titled”
  21. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones “The Magic of Youth”
  22. Social Distortion “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes”
  23. Fireworks “Gospel”
  24. A Loss for Words “No Sanctuary”
  25. Coldplay “Mylo Xyloto”
  26. Marksmen “Sister of Mine”
  27. Times of Grace “Hymn of a Broken Man”
  28. The Hawk in Paris “His + Hers”
  29. Close Your Eyes “Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts”
  30. Set Your Goals “Burning at Both Ends”
  31. Life In Your Way “Kingdoms”
  32. We Are The In Crowd “Best Intentions”
  33. Florence + the Machine “Ceremonials”
  34. Preson Phillips “Wrath”
  35. Eleventyseven “Sugarfist”
  36. Four Year Strong “In Some Way, Shape, or Form”
  37. Emery “We Do What We Want”
  38. Little Hurricane “Homewrecker”
  39. Jonathan Jones “Community Group”
  40. Adele “21”
  41. Go Radio “Lucky Street”
  42. Balance and Composure “Separation”
  43. Seahaven “Winter Forever”
  44. Grave Robber “You’re All Gonna Die”
  45. Hawk Nelson “Crazy Love”
  46. The Living End “The Ending is Just the Beginning Repeating”
  47. sosaveme “The Garden”
  48. Shakedown Boulevard “Heart of a Fighter”
  49. Blindside “With Shivering Hearts We Wait”
  50. New Found Glory “Radiosurgery”

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Wonder Years “Suburbia I’ve Given You My All and Now I’m Nothing”
  • Dia Frampton “Red”
  • Topherman “Topherman”
  • The Ember Days “Emergency”
  • Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors “Chasing Someday”
  • Dominic Balli “American Dream”
  • The Dangerous Summer “War Paint”
  • Dropkick Murphys “Going Out in Style”
  • Thursday “No Devolucion”
  • The Story So Far “Under Soil and Dirt”
  • Sum 41 “Screaming Bloody Murder”
  • Hundredth “Let Go”
  • Relient K “K is For Karaoke”
  • Aaron Gillespie “Anthem Song”
  • Adele “21”
  • After the Anthems “What If the Astronauts Are Lying”
  • Altarmotive “After glow”
  • August Burns Red “Leveler”
  • Jack’s Mannequin “People and Things”
  • Hyland “Weights and Measures”
  • I Am Empire “Kings”
  • Heartsounds “Drifter”
  • The Decemberists “The King is Dead”

Top Independent (unsigned) Releases of 2011

This is a list of my favorite independent releases of 2011. Independent meaning that these releases all were from “unsigned” bands (at the time of release) and most of these without major distribution other than iTunes/Amazon/Bandcamp.

  • Craig’s Brother “The Insidious Lie”
  • Cool Hand Luke “Of Man”
  • Midnight Hour “Self Titled”
  • Falling Up “Your Sparkling Death Cometh”
  • Attalus “Post Tenebras Lux”
  • Marksmen “Sister of Mine”
  • Ray Torres & the Mercy “Self Titled”
  • Little Hurricane “Homewrecker”
  • Scott Silletta “The Life and Times Of”
  • The Make “This Box”
  • The Stolen Season “Lost in Colorways”
  • Jerusalem “Nomad Sons”
  • Surrogate “Diamonds & Pearls”
  • Least of These “More Than Conquerors”
  • October Light “Free!”
  • Jonathan Jones “Community Group”
  • Less Than Jake “Greetings From”
  • sosaveme “The Garden”
  • Shakedown Boulevard “Heart of a Fighter”
  • Move Forward “Move Forward Ep”
  • Mosquito Fleet “Swings and Cloves Ep”
  • The Hawk in Paris “His + Hers”
  • Brett Detar “Bird in the Tangle”
  • And by Love “The Surrender”
  • The Social Threat “Protest Songs”
  • Topherman “Topherman”
  • Rootdown “Tidal Wave”

Favorite Songs of 2011

  • The Swellers “The Best I Ever Had”
  • Five Iron Frenzy “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”
  • Craig’s Brother “The Aaronic Blessing (Peace on Earth)”
  • Ray Torres and the Mercy “Redirect”
  • Life In Your Way “Like a River”
  • Devin Shelton “So Far Away”
  • Blood and Water “Traffic”
  • My Epic “Alone”
  • Least of These “Filthy Man”
  • Matt Shelton “Let Your Hands Be Strong”
  • Cool Hand Luke “Not the End, Not the End”
  • TopherMan “Tower of Lies”
  • Set Your Goals “Product of the 80’s”
  • Goodnight Wednesday “Oroku Saki”
  • Witzend “I’ll Be Right There”
  • Safe Haven “Easy”
  • Preson Phillips “It Lives”
  • The Ember Days “Yeshua”
  • Fireworks “Arrows”
  • Close Your Eyes “Valleys”
  • Oh Sleeper “Hush Yael”
  • Phinehas “Grace Disguised by Darkness”
  • Coldplay “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”
  • Scott Silletta “Do You Believe Believers?”
  • Shakedown Boulevard “Glory to Come”
  • Warr Acres “Heaven Bound”
  • Yellowcard “For You and Your Denial”
  • Eleventyseven “Quota”
  • The Civil Wars “Barton Hollow”
  • Hawk Nelson “Your Love is a Mystery”

Top Eps of 2011

  • My Epic “Broken Voice”
  • The Hawk in Paris “His + Hers”
  • Mosquito Fleet “Swings and Cloves”
  • And by Love “The Surrender”
  • Least of These “More Than Conquerors”
  • Less Than Jake “Greetings From…”
  • The Make “This Box”
  • Theatre Breaks Loose “Stranger Places, Greater Things”
  • Surrogate “Diamonds and Pearls”
  • The Gloomcatcher “Starla Over the Fences”
  • belair. “Move”
  • The Way “Helpless But Not Hopeless”
  • False Idle “I Refuse”
  • We Are Leo “Hello” Ep
  • Sleep for Sleepers “Conditions”
  • Pulley “The Long and Short of It”
  • Aaron Newberry “Homewrecker”
  • Addison “Gas Money Ep”
  • The Great Transparency “Rebuild Your Love”
  • From the Eyes of Servants “Self Titled”
  • Friends “Better Off Alone”
  • Divided by Friday “Prove It”
  • Kiros “Outlaws and Prodigals”
  • Wavorly “The Ep”

Top 30 Favorite Unsigned Bands

  1. Five Iron Frenzy
  2. Craig’s Brother
  3. Least of These
  4. Falling Up
  5. Cool Hand Luke
  6. Mxpx
  7. The Hawk in Paris
  8. Marksmen
  9. Witzend
  10. Worthwhile
  11. An Honest Mistake
  12. Shakedown Boulevard
  13. Wavorly
  14. Addison
  15. Sam’s the Hero
  16. Eleventyseven
  17. Attalus
  18. Alakrity
  19. All at Risk
  20. The Social Threat
  21. The Altar Billies
  22. Ray Torres & The Mercy
  23. Scott Silletta
  24. Blank Pages
  25. Belair
  26. And by Love
  27. Philmont
  28. Jenny and Tyler
  29. Safe Haven
  30. October Light

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35 Responses to 'Best of 2011 by Brandon Jones'

  1. brian says:

    32. We Are The In Crowd “Best Intentions”
    33. Florence + the Machine “Ceremonials”
    34. We Are The In Crowd “Best Intentions”

    So where exactly does We Are The In Crowd rank? I guess one of the honorable mentions now makes the list.

  2. i see between your Top 50 and Honorable Mentions that you listed every album that was released in 2011. good job!

  3. Pay Someone To Write Essays. says:

    wow. this is comprehensive. good stuff.

    I thought Philmont was on Forefront?

  4. Travis says:

    Please tell me you listened to David Comes To Life by F****d Up (hate the name). Such a good album.

  5. Preson Phillips says:

    Whaaaaat? So honored bro!

  6. Johnny Boy says:

    Really glad to see Helpless but not Hopeless on you EP list… Thanx!

  7. Lucas says:

    Great list! Nice to see Cool Hand Luke getting some love. Don’t see how anybody can listen to that record and not be incredibly moved. Also funny how Hands and My Epic are in the exact same place as on my list. July 5th was a very good day for Facedown. :)
    Considering our musical tastes look pretty similar did you ever listen to Gungor’s new album Brandon?

    • Brandon says:

      Yeah I listened to Gungor’s album on spotify. I enjoyed it a little bit but would have liked to have owned it. I guess there are still a couple of albums I can pick up after Christmas. I was thinking about getting John Mark McMillan, Gungor, and Daniel Bashta

    • Lucas says:

      I love JMM. Economy is great! Haven’t heard Daniel Bashta yet.. but have heard good things about him. Think I’ll check him out sometime soon. :)

    • fusse says:

      That new Daniel Bashta album is in my best of the year which contains some 15-20 albums which I haven’t put up yet hahaha. It really is a captivating album.

  8. Shawn says:

    Grave Robber is humbled to ne listed amongst such amazing artists.

  9. Andy K says:

    Nice list Brandon, but I’m surprised that Four Year Strong made your list. I was very disappointed with that album. Very generic.

  10. Tyler H says:

    wut? no f4milee f0rce phive?????? b-dawg, come on!

    jk, this is a typical brandon end of the year list :) surprised you narrowed it down to a top 50!

  11. jacob says:

    Really Happy to see Ray torres and the mercy on this list!

  12. Andrew C says:

    Adele’s 21 is extra special, coming in at number 40 and getting an honorable mention.

    All jokes aside, it’s a great album. The vinyl version is awesome and comes with a digital download.

  13. Nate says:

    And By Love’s album was so incredible! Should’ve made Top 40 period!

  14. karl p says:

    I’m completely surprised that Abandon Kansas got absolutely no love on any of these lists…. Ad Astra Per Aspera is such a great disc.

  15. KeithX says:

    Kind of surprised that Josh Garrels’ “Love & War & The Sea In Between” didn’t make any of the lists. There were so many great albums this year, but that is up near the top of my list.

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