From The Eyes of Servants – From The Eyes of Servants EP

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From The Eyes of Servants – From The Eyes of Servants EP
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4.6 (7 votes)

Band: From The Eyes of Servants
Release: self-titled EP
Label: Red Cord Records
Release Date: October 2011
Review By BMer

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Track List

  1. Extrication
  2. Kingdom of Hope
  3. The Psalmist
  4. Unite
  5. Endeavor
  6. Hall of Mirrors
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Whatever your previous impression was of Red Cord Records band From The Eyes of Servants you should disregard them and check out their latest self-titled EP. The six-track EP is twenty minutes worth of passionate melodic hardcore, in the vein of Close Your Eyes and Take It Back. The straight-forward faith-based lyrics are simple yet inspiring and the energy throughout the EP is undeniable.
In an age of auto-tune and rolling double-bass it is almost refreshing to hear a band just lay it out there. Lead singer Patrick Scholz’s vocals are unique sounding, which at first takes a little to get used to, they sound like a mix of Close Your Eyes and Means / Continuance. But after listening through the EP you can’t deny the genuine strain in the vocals, as opposed to those fake growls in metalcore. Plowing through songs like “The Psalmist” (featured in IVM’s Punk Never Dies comp.) and “Kingdom of Hope” you can really feel the emotion poured out as they sing “I sing for joy, because you protect me. And You love me. You will never leave me.” I found myself singing the choruses to the songs long after I stopped listening.
There is definitely a hardcore punk vide to the songs, more punk drumming than metal, gang vocals, breakdowns, and best-of-all – vocals that are yelled, but still clear enough to hear the entire message. The recording was obviously done on a budget which might explain some of the vocals being off-key but it does not take away from the whole package, in-fact, the choruses are what help From The Eyes Of Servants stand out from the crowd. Just give the EP two minutes and you’ll be yelling along to “Extication” “I’ve been searching for MY WHOLE LIFE…”
OVERALL: This is a great release for Red Cord Records, From the Eyes of Servants are bringing an authentic sound to the melodic hardcore scene, attempting to fill the gap left by bands like Take It Back / Call to Preserve / Continuance. Give this God-glorifying EP a spin and I am sure you’ll be pumping your fist along with these motivating anthems.

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10 Responses to 'From The Eyes of Servants – From The Eyes of Servants EP'

  1. I just may have to get this. Discovered them through Punk Never Dies and related press here, and I’m digging The Psalmist alot. It’s getting some good play count on my always epic “Melodipunkore” playlist!

  2. BMer says:

    i should have mentioned that some members of Milosny (RIP) are in the band now too

  3. Mokey says:

    Got to see these guys play live a month or two ago. Such a great performance!! and the cd is just pure amazing!

  4. Justin says:

    “attempting to fill the gap left by bands like Take It Back / Call to Preserve / Continuance” I don’t think one line could make me more excited for an album. Excited to see how this sounds.

  5. Alex Melgosa says:

    This is the same singer from Milosny. Big change here.

  6. Derrick says:

    Not the same singer^^
    Patty was the drummer of Milosny

  7. Jerrod says:

    I have worked with these guys on shows since the beginning, and it is a new sound, takes awhile to get used to, but I still miss the days of Jordon on vocals, they have a EP that you can download for Free somewhere, I know they have the songs on Youtube.

  8. preston says:

    not iimpressed at all, to repetitive and weak, but the album cover looks alright

  9. Marco says:

    I LOVE THIS EP!!! Patrick’s vocals remind me alot of Red Baron! Remember those guys? They were awesome spirit filled hardcore from Florida. That’s the main reason why I like the revamped From The Eyes of Servants. Sounds alot to me like Red Baron, vocals and music! They were one of my favorite bands too!

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