Saddest Songs Written By Christians or Christian Artists?

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I’m working on a playlist of saddest songs by Christians or Christian artists.  They could be sad but hopeful, sad but loving, sad due to losing a loved one, personal struggles, etc…., or just sad in general.  I was wondering what are some of your favorite sad songs?  Right now I keep listening to “Goodbye” by Plankeye.

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I was born in Florida and currently reside in the Houston Texas area. I have a wonderful wife and two sons. I like all genres of music so I can't be boxed in. I listen to it all and review it all. View all posts by Jeremiah Holdsworth

189 Responses to 'Saddest Songs Written By Christians or Christian Artists?'

  1. Ben says:

    all of Starflyer 59′s songs, shoegaze<3


  2. Norm says:

    “Gold and Silver” by Stavesacre has been mentioned a few times, but i find “Rivers Underneath” by them to be sad as well, more over mournful about the theme of addiction and struggle against opposing odds.


  3. Paul says:

    Sad Song – Puller
    Elle G – Newsboys
    My Heartstrings Come Undone – Demon Hunter
    Goodbye – Audio Adrenaline
    Scum Sweetheart – Audio Adrenaline
    Dare You to Move – Switchfoot
    Open Wounds – Skillet
    Lucy – Skillet
    Would it Matter – Skillet
    Carry Me Down – Demon Hunter
    Some Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape – Underoath
    This is a Call – Thousand Foot Krutch
    If We Are the Body – Casting Crowns
    The Way I Feel – 12 Stones
    Thinking About Forever – P.O.D.
    Save Me from Myself – Brian Head Welch
    Gone – Tobymac
    No New Kind of Story – Starflyer 59
    Thief – Third Day
    New Hope – Five Iron Frenzy


  4. mike says:

    I still stand by “Center Aisle” by Caedmon’s Call as one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. I strongly recommend giving it a listen here:

    I recently made an “emotionally powerful” sort of playlist which included several (but not all… I only kept it CD length) of these songs that I find “sad”:

    Emery- “By All Accounts (Today Was a Disaster)”
    Jars of Clay- “Silence”
    Steven Curtis Chapman- Beauty Will Rise album (It’s centered around the event of his adopted daughter’s death and his and his family’s ensuing recovery)
    Jars of Clay- “Headphones”
    Steven Curtis Chapman- “What I Would Say”
    Gasoline Heart- “Eager Seas”
    mewithoutYou- “I Never Said that I Was Brave (acoustic)”
    The Choir- “Sad Face”
    The Spirit That Guides Us- “Real Life Motion Picture”
    Embodyment- “Halo of Winter”
    Zao- “To Think of You…”
    Zao- “If These Scars Could Speak”
    The Tide- “Rest”
    Switchfoot- “Don’t Be There”
    Blenderhead- “Disengaged”
    Blenderhead- “Cesspool”
    PAX217- “What is Love”
    Newsboys- “Elle G”
    Newsboys- “Lost the Plot”
    Johnny Q. Public- “P.K.”/”Preacher’s Kid”


  5. Rob G says:

    Besides Daniel – “Lake Michigan”, and also a beautiful/depressing song “A Divine Comedy.” This guy makes awesome music.


  6. Steve Cheff says:

    I went back through 30 years of CD’s for this playlist. So many great lamentations. God speaks through music to get us through hard times.
    Casimir Pulaski Day-Sufjan Stevens
    Frail-Jars of Clay
    Eyes of God-Common Children
    Contact-As Cities Burn
    In Coma-Dead Poetic
    The Soviet-Me Without You
    Some Will Seek Forgiveness-Underoath
    Unwinding Cable Car-Anberlin
    Marianas Trench- August Burns Red
    Butcher’s Mouth-Emery
    Sick Cycle Carousal-Lifehouse
    Broken-Twelve Stones
    All of Us-Blindside
    Merciful Eyes-The Choir
    Bring Me To Life-Evanescence
    Self Made Trap/Alone Together-The 77’s
    New Year’s Day-U-2
    Dust in The Wind-Kansas
    Send The Pain Below-Chevelle
    Gray Man-Copeland
    Secret of the Easy Yoke-Pedro The Lion
    Within a Room Somewhere-Sixpence None The Richer
    Rain Pours Down-Something Like Silas
    Shaken Up-Delerious
    Shaded Pain-LSU
    Shadow on Me-Project 86
    Low-The Violet Burning
    Rest For The Weary-Cool Hand Luke
    This Day and Age-The Bell and Hammer
    Into the Dark-The Juliana Theory-


  7. Daniel.m says:

    Emery – The Smile, The Face; From Crib To Coffin (& the others – saddest band)
    Anberlin – Hello Alone (I woke up crying first time I listened to it)
    As Cities Burn – The Widow (Cornerstone) (saddest performance)
    Project 86 – Bottom Feeder (remarkable)
    Relient K – I So Hate Consequences (Saddest with the most hopeful ending)
    Search The City – Clocks & Time Pieces (Sad situation, I know)
    Skillet – Open Wounds (‘Scream it at her face’ song)
    Swithfoot – Don’t Be There (hurting song)
    Third Day – San Angelo (very very sad)
    Underoath – To Whom It May Concern (saddest underoath song)


  8. BBanet says:

    I just wanted to add “Would You Think Less of Me?” by Bradley Hathaway. The song was written about his grandmother’s death.


  9. metalhunter says:

    “Free the Three” or now known as “West Memphis Three” by Zao, Oh, Sleeper’s new song Hush Yael, if no has mentioned it yet.


  10. Eric says:

    Bradley Hathaway – She Was Raised By a Man
    Bradley Hathaway- The World Is Screaming
    Copeland – Not So Tough Found Out
    Josh Garrels – Ulysses
    Lovedrug- Down toward the healing
    Mat Kearney – Where We Gonna Go From Here
    Watashi Wa – 2:57
    Sufjan Stevens- John Wayne Gacy Jr.
    i don’t know if all of these are considered sad, but they all invoke some heavier emotions for me when I hear them for sure.


  11. Dave says:

    Brave Saint Saturn- Estrella
    Brave Saint Saturn- Heart Still Beats
    Grammatrain- Execution


  12. CellarGore says:

    I See A Darkness by Johnny Cash is one of my favorite “sad” songs.


  13. Ian says:

    Jenny & Tyler-”Through Your Eyes”


  14. thruchristalone777 says:

    “Asleep In the Light”- Keith Green

    It’s not sad in the sense that it necessarily brings you to tears, but more so in the idea that it is a sad reality among Christians. We as Christians have a tendency to completely overlook the opportunities that God provides for us to share the Gospel with those who do not know Him. So often we get caught up in being content with the fact that we are saved that we completely cast aside the fact that there are people around us who are not. We turn a blind eye in their direction and continue skipping through life as if there is nothing wrong. I know I am guilty of this. It is amazing how selfish we are. It is our duty as Christians to proclaim the name of Christ to a world who does not know Him. I mean that is what Matthew 28:19-20 is all about right? We are called to “Go and make disciples of all nations”. And knowing this, we still shrug it off and expect someone else to do it. This song is the perfect reflection of this unfortunate reality within the church. And I don’t know about you, but that is one of the saddest things that I have seen about Christians. We are so full of ourselves sometimes, when it should be Christ that we are full of. So in that respect, I felt this song would be worth mentioning on here.


  15. noah c says:

    Joy Electric: Analogue Grand Diary


  16. CellarGore says:

    “You’re Like A Taxi” by Showbread is another one.


  17. Damian says:

    Baby Doe – Steve Taylor
    River on Fire – Adam Again
    Resplendent – Vigilantes of Love
    Imminent Collapse – The Violet Burning
    Healing Oil – Chris Lizotte
    Writhe for Hearing – Chasing Furies
    Paralyzed – Sixpence None the Richer


  18. ndiva says:

    “Last Goodbye” Tedashii


  19. ty says:

    I need a good christain song for a break up between me and my girl because we got to wrapped up in each other and there was alot of sexual temptation and we are pulling away from each other to fully focus on god… but its hard when you really loved someone


    • Iaya97 says:

      90% of Emery songs. Also, if you are more into rap, check out 116 Clique’s “Temptation,’ or KB’s “Open Letter.” Also, Beautiful Eulogy’s “Take it Easy.” Sorry to hear about the breakup though.

  20. Locked Inside This Moment by the 77′s… or pretty much anything from Mike Roe’s “Safe as Milk” album.


  21. Nuno says:

    disciple – things left unsaid is one of the saddest songs


  22. Eric says:

    its not fair – I Am Empire


  23. Lucas says:

    A year and a half later I realize I left Sufjan Stevens completely off my list. He is, in my opinion, the master of sad songs and brings emotions out of me that few other artists can. Prime examples:

    Futile Devices
    I Want to Be Well
    Casimir Pulaski Day
    John Wayne Gacy Jr.
    The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!
    For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti

    I nearly lose it when I hear every one of these songs.


  24. synn'r sainte jeb'beau says:

    The 77′s “Don’t, This Way” is sadness colored by sound, as well as “Cry Myself to Sleep” by Undercover.There’s also Dead Artist Syndrome’s “Hope”, “Double” by Aunt Betty’s Ford/L.S.U & Adam Again’s “Who Can Hold Us?” Poor Old Lu’s “Do I?” is just tragic. Julie Miller’s “Broken Things” has it’s share of sorrow. Sadness doesn’t get more lonely than on The Prayer Chain’s “The Hollow”. The Throes wistfully performed “Elizabeth” is felt more than heard. If one can find it, The entire “Spooky Loop” lp by Paloma (Gene Eugene lent his incredible talents to this all too little heard release) is worth a lifetime of listening. The entire “Into the Woods” album by the Call is definitely an experience in grief. Speaking of Grief, Sincerely Paul’s lp “Grieve” is definitely rife with it (“Shame Last Sunday” bleeds & bleeds). Like The Choir’s “Sad Face”, Delirious?’s “Summer of Love” came out of personal loss (Stewart Smith and his wife lost their unborn baby through a miscarriage). More recently (& also written after the loss of a friend’s stillborn child), Mike Mains & The Branches’ “Emma Ruth” just aches & aches & aches… and so does “Sleepless” by The Strive (written about the loss of a mother & wife). Both Mark Heard & Tonio K’s catologues are littered with confessions pain, with too many songs to cite individually.


  25. shawn says:

    Plankeye – Goodbye
    The Classic Crime – The End
    Demon Hunter – My Heartstrings Come Undone
    Demon Hunter – Carry Me Down [Piano Version]
    KB – I can’t Play the Background ft. Elijah Smooth
    Stereotrap – Lonely
    Stereotrap – Scream to God
    Falling Up – Summer Song
    The Classic Crime – The Precipice
    Ascend the Hill – Even When I’m At My Darkest
    Stars Go Dim – Seventeen (Acoustic)
    Hillsong United – Search My Heart
    Everyday Sunday – Here With Me
    Bellarive – Shine On
    Avalanche City – Love Don’t Leave
    Andy Hunter – Raining Sunshine
    Lakes – Back in Your Head
    Further Seems Forever – New Year’s Project
    Further Seems Forever – All Rise
    Starflyer 59 – Dual Overhead Cam (or the whole Gold album)
    The Glorious Unseen – Breathe Life Into Me
    Jenny & Tyler – Carry Me
    Jimmy Needham – Clear the Stage
    Kari Jobe – What Love Is this
    Kari Jobe – Love Came Down
    Tim Hughes – My Jesus, My Lifeline
    Chris Tomlin – I Will Rise
    Lights – Drive My Soul


  26. The Fear of God – Showbread


  27. CommanderKeen says:

    Timothy – As Cities Burn.


  28. Steven Powless says:

    Pretty much all of Pedro the Lion’s It’s Hard to Find a Friend, as well as The Only Reason I Feel Secure.
    But especially “The Bells,” “Secret of the Easy Yoke,” “The Longer I Lay Here,”… ah, just all of it.

    Also, “Don’t Be There” by Switchfoot is a good one indeed.


  29. Chandler A. says:

    I know I’m resurrecting a really old post, but I’ve really kind of been in the mood for sad songs lately. Been listening to the Caedmon’s call song a ton. Also checked out a lot of the other songs on this thread…any yet unmentioned song suggestions for me?


  30. Some of these songs came out after this was posted and I believe none of the other songs were posted before. All these songs are sad in lyrics and/or vibe. Will pull at your spirit and soul.

    Virgin Black – “…And I Am Suffering”
    Sovereign Grace Music – Shine Into My Night
    Orion Walsh – The First Shall Be Last
    Everlasting Word Band – Day Of Wonders! Day Of Judgement!
    Hands – Rescue
    From Indian Lakes – The Man With Wooden Legs
    Heath McNease – A Lesson Before Dying
    Jane Marczewski – Our Time
    Cool Hand Luke – Goodbye, For Now
    Key Of David – Coming Storm
    Needle – The Plan
    The Hotshot Freight Train – Hadley
    Callisto – The Fugitive
    Elgibbor – Suffering Soul
    Flyleaf – Dear My Closet Friend
    Here I Come Falling – And So We’ll Be With The Lord Forever
    Lauren Shera – Your Battle
    Natalie Grant – Held
    Orphan Project – Spooning Out The Sea
    Pomegranates – Surfing The Human Heart
    Shai Linne – Letter From The Grave
    The Apprentice – Disease
    The Lighthouse And The Whaler – Iron Doors


  31. Superchick’s new song “This Is The Time” is pretty emotionaal- I think it was the last song that Chase, their drummer, recorded before he passed away:


  32. Eric says:

    Dead Poetic- Vices
    Showbread- the fear of god
    As Cities Burn- the widow
    Pretty much all of Eisley’s The Valley album
    Copeland- Should You Return
    A Rose By Any Other Name- Unfather
    Jon Foreman- Somebody’s Baby
    Emery- I Never Got To See The West Coast

    This is not a Christian band, but All Get Out has a song called Let Me Go that’s definitely full of honesty, truth and is slightly redemptive. It’s a clean song if that concerns you too ha. It helped my brother (who is a Christian) get through a rough patch in his marriage.


  33. calends says:

    Hands down – Anathallo: To Gary and Marcus: The Sovereignty of God Is Omnipresent


    I could not come this time and stand on my feet.
    I just thought of you and sank.
    “I’m tough, I’m tough,” I told myself…
    but I fell apart.
    Thin arms cling lightly to my sunken chest.
    I hold my breath.
    Your sad eyes droop with hopelessness,
    and I feel like I’m dying with you.
    And I hold your toothpick ribcage.
    And I pray aloud into your ear,
    “Lord what would you have of me?
    To plead before You for this child?
    Why does faith seem so foreign to me now?”
    Every time I see your beautiful faces in my thoughts,
    or in something I see, may faith stand firm.
    Let it grow from grace I have received
    and know that this grace abounds to you so far away.


  34. Danny says:

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I’m truly surprised no one mentioned (*Fin) by Anberlin. Their magnum opus and the single most depressing song I have ever heard in my entire life.


    • Lucas says:

      Cities is still my favorite album of all time and (*Fin) is absolutely fantastic, but I’ve never found it depressing. The entire song, in Stephen Christian’s words, is about him wrestling with God and God winning. It’s certainly emotional and broken by the end, but wasn’t quite as depressing as it seems on the surface when I found out what it’s about.

  35. Bryan says:

    Broken Inside by We As Human off the Burning Satellites EP. Once you figure out what the song is talking about, the tears will come…


  36. MrM says:

    I enjoy threads like this, nice to see it resurrected ^_^ would almost be cool to see a lists section on IVM, maybe staff picks for things like “saddest christian songs”, or “most aggressive christian songs”, or maybe even “most underplayed songs/bands”, anything like that! There could be a user section as well. Maybe you could make IVM profiles a bigger thing (maybe they are, I just have never really gotten into them or understood what was going on :P) and you could view each persons profile, see what they like, or rated the saddest songs, or whatever. I know I love sharing my thoughts/opinions on music, it could be cool to do it on this site in our own little section. I know that broke off on a massive tangent, my apologies.
    Storal of my mory is I like threads such as this, and want more.

    If I could contribute to the thread’s purpose at all, I might say Disciple’s “Things Left Unsaid” was a good one, i Am Empire’s “It’s Not Fair”, Flyleaf’s acoustic version of “Cassie” is wonderful, and even P.O.D.’s “Youth of the Nation” was rather sad IMO. I’m sure most, if not all, have been said before, just here to reinforce them ^_^


    • Chandler A. says:

      I don’t know how they’d do that, but that is such a good idea. I mean I was in a sad mood, and remembered this post from like almost 2 years ago! Easy access to stuff like this with different people’s opinions would be awesome

    • MrM says:

      That was my problem too, I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it/have it laid out :P
      Maybe we could do some massive polls (Brandon’s always looking for new poll ideas, isn’t he? :P) for top sad songs, and then do some other categories as well.
      Maybe we could always keep those polls open?
      Have a tab at the top that says polls or something
      Then the threads could be there to suggest new songs to be added to the poll.
      Perhaps songs that have less than a certain percent of the votes could be automatically removed?
      (I have no idea how to do any programming or website design, or whatever, I’m just spitballing.)

  37. Chris W says:

    Testing The Strong Ones by copeland is literally one of the most heartwrenching songs ever. that album and song in particular walked me through my grandmother’s death a few years back. i still cant listen without crying.


  38. CommanderKeen says:

    “Cries of the Past” by Underoath. Of course, if you listen to it, you won’t be moved to tears but if you read the lyrics and know the pain behind it, its pretty ridiculously sad.


  39. CommanderKeen says:

    though, depending on how you interpret “sad”…then I guess this could also qualify.


  40. jdski says:

    Just some random ones from the top of my head…

    Eulogy-Five Iron Frenzy
    Hospital Flowers-Owl City
    The Vast Majority of Brave Saint Saturn songs
    I Tried To Do The Right Thing-Children 18:3
    Disappear-House of Heroes
    Deathbed-Relient K
    This Is The End (If You Want It)-Relient K
    Curl Up And Die-Relient K
    Worn-Tenth Avenue North
    New Horizons-Flyleaf (Kind of a happy song, but with sad undertones)
    The Golden State-Abandon Kansas


  41. There are a LOT of good ones on here.

    Lindforest (Christian and Simon of Blindside) – “Dead god”


  42. narcispy says:

    The absolute first one that came to mind was Plankeye – Goodbye.


  43. Chandler A. says:

    Here are some of mine:

    Tenth Avenue North – Times
    Tenth Avenue North – Hold My Heart
    Tenth Avenue North – Empty My Hands
    Flatfoot 56 – Shiny Eyes
    Trip Lee – Cryin’ Out
    Lecrae – Praying for you
    Lecrae – Indwelling Sin
    The Almost – Monster
    Red – Already Over Pt. 2
    And Then There Were None – Bed of Nails
    Haste the Day – Haunting (Acoustic)
    Haste the Day – An Adult Tree (Acoustic)
    Hawk Nelson – Zero
    My Epic – Communion

    Also can’t reiterate enough how good/sad Center Aisle by Caedmon’s Call is


  44. gravymits says:

    Hundred Year Storm – Its Alright
    Its a sad song but also one of joy and reassurance but definitely has a sad feel from it. But one that is passionate as well.


  45. Noah Krieg says:

    Analogue Grand Diary–Joy Electric
    I Remain Yours–Bloomsday
    10 Years and Separating States–Watashi Wa


  46. Frereinfo says:

    I just discovered this thread and I’m a bit surprised the following bands have not been mentioned yet: Century Sleeper, My Silent Wake and Visionaire


  47. bob says:

    This is one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. It’s about their bass players dad killing himself. Their bass player wrote a song after he took his own life a few years back and finally put it to music. Listen after the song is over. You will be in tears.


  48. JR0988 says:

    Great songs guys!

    Demon Hunter-The Tide Began To Rise
    Breaking The Silence-Tonight
    Breaking The Silence-You Are More
    Red-Hold Me Now
    Casting Crowns-Prodigal
    Group 1 Crew-Forgive Me

    “Name” and “He Weeps” by Fireflight are good ones too.


  49. Chandler A. says:

    As I’ve already made known I love this post, so to be honest I’m commenting on this just to keep it afloat a little longer


    • Graham says:

      I agree with Chandler, this is a post worth keeping afloat. Also, nice wolverine avatar :)

      My personal suggestions for sad music:

      Dead Poetic – Glass in the Trees
      John Reuben – X Ray
      The Devil Wears Prada – 8:18
      Showbread – The Flies (Nervosa)
      Deepspace5 – If I Don’t Make It
      Zao – Man in the Womb
      mewithoutYou – Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt
      Chevelle – One Lonely Visitor
      Odd Thomas – Father Figure Skating
      Sackcloth Fashion – Family Ties

    • Chandler A. says:

      Thanks Graham :) Also, yes on that Brand New song, so good

  50. Graham says:

    I’m going to put a spin on the rules too, and recommend a few sad songs from artists who are not Christians.

    AFI – …But Home Is Nowhere
    Butch Walker – Joan
    The Used – On My Own
    Straylight Run – Hands in the Sky (Big Shot)
    Brand New – Jesus Christ


  51. paul says:

    Haste The Day – Autumn


  52. Graham says:

    Glue – Early Morning Silence
    Derek Webb – Becoming a Slave
    The Joe – The Idols They Will Make
    Manafest – Where Are You
    Forever Changed – Alone
    Number One Gun – The Different Ones
    Heath McNease – Elysian Fields
    Lucerin Blue – Cold
    Nodes of Ranvier – Grave


  53. A Hanging man says:

    fade to gray, by casting crowns…never a truer song


  54. Hannah Hudson says:

    Barlowgirl-Sing me a love song
    Skillet-The Last Night
    KJ-52-#1 Fan
    KJ-52 Where were you
    Flame-Myspace Girl
    Petra-For Annie <— really sad


  55. Sarah says:

    Flyleaf- Dear My Closest Friend
    Flyleaf- Believe in Dreams
    Fireflight- Name
    Nevertheless- Topics
    12 stones- Broken Road
    Eowyn- unfinished memories
    Superchick- beauty from pain


  56. Graham says:

    UnderOath – Alone In December
    12 Stones – Running Out of Pain


  57. Chris says:

    Hey, thank ya’ll for posting all these great songs, but for sad music, I’d stand by “Hymn For The Missing” by Red. It’s so melancholy and full of feeling. Really brings out the emotions….


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