Saddest Songs Written By Christians or Christian Artists?

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I’m working on a playlist of saddest songs by Christians or Christian artists.  They could be sad but hopeful, sad but loving, sad due to losing a loved one, personal struggles, etc…., or just sad in general.  I was wondering what are some of your favorite sad songs?  Right now I keep listening to “Goodbye” by Plankeye.

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216 Responses to 'Saddest Songs Written By Christians or Christian Artists?'

  1. CommanderKeen says:

    States – Asleep


  2. Bill Smith says:

    Try “Save a place for me” -Matthew West. I love that song.


  3. Peyton says:

    Chase-Tedashii. I love Tedashii and this is the saddest song he has. In march last year his 1 year old son died in a car accident and Chase is the song Tedashii wrote for his son. Look it up.


    • B Reel says:

      Yo Yo Yo Peyton, you be right on with dis one.

      Chase by Tedashii is the saddest song I ever be hearing. Got this cd and dis tune be on my beats all da time.

      Dis CD is a must have for any hip/hop lover and is gonna push Lecrae for CD of da year.

      Reach Records does it again.

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