Haste the Day – Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day

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Haste the Day – Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day
4.9 (15 votes)

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Release: Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day
Label: Homework Help Tulsa Library.
Release Date: September 13th, 2011
Reviewed by: BMer

Track Listing:

  1. 68
  2. Pressure The Hinges
  3. Blue 42
  4. Fallen
  5. The Minor Prophets
  6. Autumn
  7. The Closest Thing to Closure
  8. Walk On
  9. White Collar
  10. Needles
  11. Travesty
  12. Dog Like Vultures
  13. American Love
  14. Substance
  15. When Everything Falls

This is the last release from Haste The Day; a live album titled Hasted the Day vs. Haste the Day. Live albums are one of those things that usually only get a few spins before they’re put back on the shelf. They’re novelty, albums that lack the audio quality to be an everyday listen (except of course the Garth Brooks double-disc live album) but for one reason or another you decided to pick it up. All of these descriptions fit Haste The Day’s final album, a set list worthy of the title “greatest hits” and the standard live audio quality.

Except for one major difference.

Haste The Day are one of those bands that have featured two different lead singers; originally started with Jimmy Ryan but then gave way to Stephen Keech. Most bands don’t survive switching singers, let alone every position in the band except bass. Haste the Day not only survived the switch but went on to release 3 more albums with Keech. So why is this live album different? Every member that has played in Haste the Day played at this show, in their home state of Indiana. The original lineup featuring Jimmy Ryan on vocals (and Devin on drums, Brennan and Jason on guitars) go back and forth with the final lineup of Haste the Day featuring Stephen on vocals (and Giuseppe on drums, Dave and Scotty on guitars) hence the Haste the Day vs Haste the Day album title.

What is better than this for Haste the Day fans? Not only do you get 15 of the best Haste the Day songs over a 5 album span, but you get to hear Jimmy and company sing the old stuff, and lets be honest, everyone loves the Jimmy-era HTD! The album takes little time to get into the older material with “Blue 42” number 3 on the night followed by “Fallen”. The energy from the crowd fuels the band and they’re in excellent form for the first handful of songs. I was impressed by the sound quality, you can hear the vocals very clear and while the bass drum is loud, it doesn’t drown everything else out.

Having the commentary of the live show is also great. Hearing stories from Stephen about when he took over as the lead singer, and from Jimmy about his testimony, really elevate this album. One of the funnier moments came as Jimmy and company play their first song “Blue 42” and just before one of the best breakdowns the band ever wrote Jimmy asks the crowd “Do you remember this part?”. For the most part the band plays each song very well, you get to compare the drumming style between Giuseppe and Devin, while Giuseppe has tricks and fills for days while Devin is like a machine, very simple and reliable. There are a few moments when Giuseppe has a little difficulty sustaining and double-kick roll, stuff that Devin nails, but on the other hand you can hear a level of intricacy and technicality on the songs that Giuseppe helped write (Attack of the Wold King) that really show his quality. Guitar-wise everything sounds great, things get a little sloppy near the end of the set around “Needles” and “Travesty” but the band regains their form to close out the night. Speaking of closing the night, ending a Haste the Day set with “American Love” and “When Everything Falls” could get much better, they even throw in “Substance” a song they don’t play live often and features bassist Mike Murphy (the only member in the band from beginning to end) and his quality growls. Hearing both Jimmy and Stephen singing together on the closer “When Everything Falls” really brings the whole album to a close, they sound great!

OVERALL There is so much about Haste The Day vs Haste The Day that longtime fans will love. Those that loved the old-school version of the band will get to hear those songs played again with the original lineup while newer fans will get to hear not only the great songs that were written in the Stephen-era (“Dog Like Vultures”, “Pressure the Hinges”) but they get to hear the songs that got the band started. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir but this is a must-have for every Haste The Day fan, even if you’re not a big fan this is the closest you’re going to get to seeing Haste The Day live.

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Haste the Day - Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day, 4.9 out of 5 based on 15 ratings

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15 Responses to 'Haste the Day – Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day'

  1. Chemistry Online Help Videos watch. says:

    I didn’t rate the album because it’s a live album. It’d be like rating a greatest hits album or something. It sounds great, pick it up.

  2. Stephen says:

    Solid review, but I counted a handful of typos; may want to comb through and fix those.

  3. Chandler A. says:

    You forgot me. I was singing WEF with Jimmy Ryan and Stephen Keech ;)

    P.S. Sorry for trollin’ on every Haste the Day post but I can’t resist expressing my unending love for them

  4. thruchristalone777 says:

    This is kinda cool. I didn’t realize that the original line up played at the last show as well. It’s like two universes met on stage for one night haha. I might pick this up eventually just to hear that. It sounds like it’ll be pretty awesome.

  5. Joshua says:

    I’m waiting for this to get to me so I can pop it in, watch it, and see myself stage dive and listen to this awesome night again. One of the best nights of my life was this concert. RIP Haste the Day.

  6. Zach says:

    I can’t wait to pick up this!! I love Haste the day they were what got me into hardcore and generally just christian music altogether! Their music helped me grow in my faith! Jimmy is also one of the coolest dudes to talk to!! I was wish i was at this show but I got to experience the final show and it was the best show i have ever been to!!!! It’s sad they broke up but at least i got to see them twice and got to see the full lineup history.

  7. taras91 says:

    disappointed that the dvd isnt HD. but its okay still a great release.

  8. Sean says:

    The track listing on the back of the package says they play Dog Like Vultures but its Wake Up the Sun… Stephen even announces it before they play it. Kinda disappointed…

    Doesn’t make it any less of an awesome cd/dvd though!

  9. evan144 says:

    Finally got my preorder today, and I have 2 things… well 3 things to say!

    1. This is amazing!

    2. The sound of HTD was never stronger as it was with that final line up; they found some commonality that just clicked.

    3. most important, regardless of who is the best, which you like most, blah blah blah… EVERY time that original line up goes onstage, the crowd goes insane. It is how HTD shows used to be, uncontrollable. The original line up put on the greatest show, and it was just so much more fun to watch. Jimmy exudes such charisma, and the other dudes are just like watching legends or something haha! When Blue 42 came on, that crowd went insane… literally like 10 people were hanging off the front rafters hahaha!

    Sorry, that was probably more than 3 things… 3 main points, 100 different things to go with each haha!

    • evan144 says:

      Well, and a 4th thing:

      4. They should have cleared out 2 rows of amps (1 on each side) and pushed them as far to the side as possible so they could fit 2 sets onstage. Being a drummer, I know how hard and crappy it is to play on another person’s set, and that is exactly what I am seeing with Devin. Poor dude, he is so tall, and Giuseppe is so short, so Devin is at a severe disadvantage. It really wasn’t fair to him; he made it work, but I could tell he was struggling at points.

    • evan144 says:

      Sorry, 5th and final thing. I promise!:

      5. Good to see “retirement” hasn’t made Jimmy, Jason and Brennan starve. HAHAHA! Devin and Mike almost seem out of place… that was mean haha!

  10. BBanet says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I’m from Indiana and didn’t go to this final show. :(

  11. Chandler A. says:

    Two years ago today…boy time flies. I might consider this show to be the best moment in my life (I’m only 17). I miss this band no less </3 still my personal all-time favorite band. Bittersweet feelings about now. gonna go watch my DVD of this concert :,) Haste the Day shall forever live on in my heart<3

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