After months of hype and promotion, mostly on the part of Ian DeVaney, Indie Vision Music is proud to present to you our latest FREE compilation Ska Lives Vol. 2. This compilation unlike the last one, was all compiled, produced, and assembled by Ian DeVaney who also runs the Ska Lives Facebook and Twitter account. The compilation was mastered by Joseph Randall Spurgeon. Artwork was designed by Michael Stidham of the band Dime Store Heist. These bands are mostly independent, so please support them by visiting their Facebook pages and buying music when available. Please enjoy and feel free to make suggestions or comment with your favorite bands from the compilation so we know how to improve upon things in the future.

Click Here to Download Ska Lives Vol. 2
(Right Click “Save Link As”, Save to Computer)–146MB Download Size


1. The O.C. Supertones – Adonai *2005 Version* (Appears Courtesy of Tooth and Nail Records)

2. The Resignators – Sins of the Father

3. Good Weather Forecast – Love Revolution

4. Upstanding Youth – Bigger Than You Or Me

5. Dime Store Heist – Deaf in the Water

6. RITK (Rejoice In The King) – What’s the Point?

7. Blood and Water – Opening Band (Appears Courtesy of Eden Records)

8. King Size Zero – Heart-Shaped Candy Love Song

9. The Nova Ray – Conviction

10. No Lost Cause – The One Who Rescues

11. Gunday Monday – Bruceman Theme Song

12. PayPer Chainz – Beginning of the End

13. Just Like Josiah – Enrique’s Theme Part 1

14. Storming Stages and Stereos – Last Words

15. Stacked Like Pancakes – The Robbery

16. Send Out Scuds and Fight To Remember – Ska Lives!

17. Tiki Joe and the Bamboo Band – Sing Along

18. Not For The Crowd – On Every Side

19. The Insyderz – Like Drawing Blood From A Baby

20. Against The Odds – Mary Jane

21. October Light – Long Run

22. Fight To Remember – Fingers and Toes

23. Skamikaze! – Gnomes

24. The Dingees – 1000 Sparks (Appears Courtesy of International City Recordings)

25. The Ska-Per Heroes – Graffiti Walls

26. The Waffle Stompers – Tired of It (Appears Courtesy of Danimal Records)

27. The Losers of Today – So What?!

28. Sounds of Salvation – Son

29. Make Up Your Mind – Break the Plank

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About the author Brandon J.

I am 36 years old living in Orange County, CA. with my wife, 2 children, and one teenager. I enjoy living a life for God, Family, Passionate music, the ocean, the mountains, gardening, and working in the Machining industry (Real Job). I founded this site in July of 2000 and love the community we have here. View my new personal blog here. (Check me out on Twitter @brandonaaero) View all posts by Brandon J.

51 Responses to 'Ska Lives Vol. 2'

  1. thruchristalone777 says:

    YES!!!!! Thanks Brandon!


  2. skank78 says:

    NO FIF????


  3. mastermind26 says:



  4. Rob J says:

    “Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.”


  5. phantommullet says:

    Make Up Your Mind is the artist for track 29, not Break The Plank. :)


  6. (: says:

    Yay! Ska-Per Heroes! :D


  7. Mokey says:

    Thank you!!


  8. Jake says:

    YAY! Gunday Monday !!!


  9. Korman says:

    Congrats on another quality release, I love me some ska!


  10. Rob J says:

    Still haven’t been able to download it unfortunately…


  11. Rob J says:

    I’m actually using IE 9. I’ll have to try using another program later.


  12. Brandon says:

    May Microsoft doesn’t like Zip files anymore? Lol.


  13. Iaya97 says:

    Thanks so much! This is awesome, just like the first one!


  14. Renan Lemos says:

    grettings from brazil! i love it.


  15. BEN says:

    You shouldn’t have done that.


  16. Ryan says:

    Ska? Not dead.
    The days of getting compilation albums that aren’t just 8 or 9 songs? Also not dead.
    Someone’s apparent understanding of ID3 tags? Not dead either.
    And free music that’s actually good? Very much alive.

    This album WINS!! :D :D


  17. thanks for the compilations
    god bless


  18. Kirill says:

    All bands are Christian? Or is there a band in which there are Christians?
    Sorry for my English! )))


  19. Can’t wait to listen. My buddy told me about it. So Stoked


  20. My buddy told me about this, so stoked


  21. Carl M says:

    It works with Firefox but IE 9 doesn’t like the file, won’t allow the download. Same exact URL. End of story.


  22. Morgan says:

    I tried downloading it on my IPad but it only uses Safari and it wouldn’t work.


  23. Paula says:

    Good Weather Forecast & The Insyderz <3


  24. oh my god i just realized that thing on the cover is a 2


  25. rolandomh says:

    thks!!!! nice cover too, where i can find the vol 1? Godspeed


  26. Bruce Holly says:

    I love the first Ska Lives compliation. Looking foward to discovering more new bands from this version. Thanks.


  27. You should check out a Ska band from Hull in the UK called ‘The Talks’
    their last two singles have been really new sounding trad ska and most of the band play with Neville from The Specials. Cool Band

    I’m in a Madness Tribute band but its still Ska and i love it!

    Cool Thread….Kudos for bringing forward new Ska tracks. Need more people doing this if it is ever gonna make a comeback!


  28. Brandon Landis says:

    Help the Supertones make a new album!!! Only a few days left!


  29. frank says:


    did you ever saw a ska band from luxembourg , one of the smallest country in the world ?

    Ska in Luxembourg ! Toxkäpp!

    Toxkäpp !are a 8-piece two tone ska formation since 1995 they worked on refining their early ska-punk sound , influenced by the TWO-TONE era bands of the late 70-ies early 80-ies Britain .
    As Luxembourg ’s true SKA music pioneers they sing lyrics in their native tongue while bringing even international audiences to move and jump to their joyfull , melodic sound.

    cheers Frank


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