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Top Albums

1. Timbre – Little Flowers
2. Flatfoot 56 – Black Thorn
3. Children 18:3 – Rain’s A’ Comin’
4. The Skies Revolt – Plastic Revolution
5. The Chariot – Long Live
6. As I Lay Dying – The Powerless Rise
7. Lecrae – Rehab
8. Underoath – Disambiguation
9. Showbread – Who Can Know It?
10. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
11. House Of Heroes – Suburba
12. Flobots – Survival Story
13. Living Sacrifice – The Infinite Order
14. Jars Of Clay – The Shelter
15. Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
16. My Epic – Yet
17. Insomniac Folklore – LP
18. Johnny Cash – American VI: Ain’t No Grave
19. Lakes – The Agreement
20. Josh Ritter – So Runs The World Away

Top 5 EPs

1. The Ember Days – Finger Painting
2. Lovelite – Nearness
3. Enlou – Body of Water, Body of Friends
4. Josh Ehrmann – Stone’s Throw
5. Oh Brother – The Death of Day

Honorable Mentions

Abel – Lesser Men
Andy Hunter – Collide (EP)
Bradley Hathaway – A Thousand Angry Panthers (EP)
Brooke Fraser – Flags
Men As Trees Walking – 1518
Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz

Top 10 Songs

1. Timbre – “The Wind May Be Beautiful”
2. Timbre – “I Will Go Plant Little Flowers”
3. Children 18:3 – “Cover Your Eyes”
4. House Of Heroes – “Love Is For The Middle Class”
5. Bradley Hathaway – “The World Is Screaming”
6. Arcade Fire – “We Used To Wait”
7. Showbread – “You’re Like A Taxi”
8. Lakes – “Lovely”
9. Flatfoot 56 – “Shiny Eyes”
10. Johnny Cash – “Ain’t No Grave”

Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

Deas Vail
Explosions In The Sky (?)
The Ember Days (?)
Matt Thiessen (?)

Sw5 EPs

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  1. For links to music videos and full reviews, and explanations of what I liked about these albums, see What Is A Master Thesis Defense.

    And for the songs: A College Essay.

  2. Yeah I see Lecrae in the same position I put him at. I wonder if someone else put him at number 7?

    I need to check out that Johnny Cash album!

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