Indie Vision Music has compiled a new digital sampler of artists that we have recently reviewed and from our “Check Out” posts. We hope that this will be the best and heaviest digital sampler we have released to date. Please let us know what bands you like, and please go support these bands and labels by buying their music, buying merch, going to their shows, and telling your friends. We would like to thank all the bands and labels for letting us use their music.

Design by sam30 who posts in the comments and loves Advent and Call to Preserve. (Please thank him for the awesome artwork!)

Click here to download Songs to Slay the Dragons, Vol. 2 Part 1 free digital sampler
Click here to download Songs to Slay the Dragons, Vol. 2 Part 2 free digital sampler
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Phinehas – I Am the Lion

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Parallels – Patterns

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Gnashing of Teeth – Separate

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Close Your Eyes – The Body

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Track Listing
1. Phinehas – I Am the Lion
2. Messengers – Judge (Courtesy of Facedown/Strike First Records)
3. With Life In Mind – King of Frauds (Courtesy of CI Records)
4. Close Your Eyes – The Body (Courtesy of Victory Records)
5. Gnashing of Teeth – Separate (Courtesy of Sancrosanct Records)
6. Hundredth – Desolate (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
7. Called to Arms – Vintage Pharisee (Courtesy of Tragic Hero Records)
8. The Gun Show – The Adegan System
9. Strengthen What Remains – Pathetic (Courtesy of On The Attack Records)
10. Where the Ocean Meets the Sky – We Are But Instruments (Courtesy of CI Records)
11. Fallstar – Hunters (Courtesy of Come & Live!)
12. Silence O Israel – Beware: Alexander the Coppersmith
13. Righteous Vendetta – The Dawning (Courtesy of Red Cord Records)
14. Centuries Apart – Malachi (My Messenger)
15. Cast Them To Ruin – Ocean Straight
16. I Am Alpha and Omega – The Bride (Courtesy of Come & Live!)
17. ForChristSake – Sleep
18. As Bold As Lions – Face of Reality
19. The Brigade – Teeth and Crowns
20. As Bold As Lions – Moving Forward
21. Mercy Screams – Thief In the Night
22. As Bold As Lions – The Anthem
23. Dependency – Fragile (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
24. Sovereign Strength – Deliverance (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
25. Thin Ice – You Were There (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
26. Sovereign Strength – Heartless (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
27. Debtor – Escape (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
28. Sovereign Strength – The Suffering (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
29. Not One Is Upright – And They Were Likened Unto Dogs
30. Inlow – Ecclactide
31. Senseless Beauty – Fear and Loathing in Iowa City
32. Moshe Dayan – Arms of Desolation
33. Every Man For Himself – Te Mana Whakahaere (Autonomy) (Courtesy of Deadboy Records)
34. Divide the Sea – In Knowing, Triumph (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
35. Milosny – Battle Line (Courtesy of Red Cord Records)
36. Awake the Suffering – Purities Walk Through The Vines (Courtesy of Raging Storm Records)
37. Before There Was Rosalyn – The Warrior (Courtesy of Victory Records)
38. Corpus Christi – Monuments (Courtesy of Victory Records)
39. Creations – Boom (P.O.D. Cover)
40. Clear Convictions – Justice From Heaven (On The Attack Records)
41. Saving Grace – Oaxaca (Courtesy of Deadboy & Strike First Records)
42. Second Thief – Perfection (Courtesy of Darkslate Records)
43. Auburn – Weary Bones and Watering Eyes (Demo) (Courtesy of Blue Duck Records)
44. Parallels – Patterns

Over half of the songs have the lyrics embedded

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About the author Steve

Originally, from Albuquerque, NM but now I live in the Minneapolis area. I love Metal and Hardcore but I can tolerate pretty much anything. Albums I couldn't live without: Any Living Sacrifice album with Bruce on vocals, INXS - Kick, and AC/DC - Back in Black View all posts by Steve

77 Responses to 'Songs to Slay the Dragons, Vol. 2'

  1. Len says:

    Good job on this guys! I am proud of you!!


  2. Brandon says:

    Steve, Brian, and Sam are awesome!


  3. KeithX says:

    Wow. Quite the collection. Thanks!


  4. Jake D says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of songs! I love. I know Phinehas fairly well. My friend is best friends with Scotty Whealen(ex-Phinehas guitarist) now guitarist for Haste the Day.


  5. Phil Recognition says:

    some awesome stuff on here. if you like the bands support em!


  6. Phil Recognition says:

    lols on the “loves Advent and Call to Preserve” line :)

    “Design by sam30 who posts in the comments and loves Advent and Call to Preserve. (Please thank him for the awesome artwork!)”

    sick design bro!


  7. Ian says:

    love that Teeth & Crowns song……..wink


  8. John Bentley says:


    Btw does anyone else think it sounded better with to at the end?


  9. jamiecta says:

    thanks for including us guys! always glad to support IVM and glad you are supporting us as well. Really fun comp :)


  10. Nater says:

    wow, this bums me out… i’ve been waiting since the first one to submit my band to it. how did i miss submissions for this?!


  11. CJ says:

    Centuries Apart….IS AWESOME


  12. Matt says:

    d00d!! you dont know how long ive been waiting for this!


  13. sciboy777 says:

    volume 1 was really good . number 2 will be even better .thanx ya’ll


  14. Steve says:

    So what are some of your favorite tracks on this so far?


  15. connerlatto says:

    the zip file says its corrupt how do you get it to work?


  16. NoOneReally says:

    This is so great!
    I cannot believe I let WITH LIFE IN MIND slip by, they are awesome!!
    Thanks IVM.


  17. Mike K says:

    i cannot download it properly, too


  18. Surprised no one has said anything about the new Messengers song


  19. TommyJ says:

    I don’t really know about you guys but I REALLY like the song “judge” by the band messengers… what do you guys think?


  20. justin says:

    Messengers has potential. I hope they tour soon


  21. Brandon says:

    I downloaded part 1 here at work and I didn’t have any trouble. Let us know if any of you are experiencing problems downloading the file(s).


  22. that parallels song player isn’t parallels


  23. Eric says:

    Downloaded it and listened through once. Phinehas was a killer first track. Really powerful, awesome song. The one from Messengers kept the energy going, and I’m loving that track too. Close Your Eyes also sound good. I started doing work and didn’t pay close attention to most of it after that, but I’m sure I’ll grow more aware of what I like and don’t like along the way over the next few weeks.


  24. Trent says:

    Gnashing of Teeth – Separate
    Hundredth – Desolate
    Cast Them To Ruin – Ocean Straight

    Amazing Songs!!


  25. Brandon says:

    Songs to Slay the Dragons Page View: 8706
    File 1 Downloads: 1804
    File 2 Downloads: 1500

    Wow. Biggest download yet.


  26. brandon says:

    These dudes are sick. There stage presents is on point. Seen them a few times here in rva


  27. Trent says:

    I would be amped to seem cast them to ruin


  28. brett says:

    Wow! That Messengers song blew me away!


  29. Yay!!!! :D I loved sample 1 I’m sure this will rock


  30. all christian right? J/W :P


  31. Caleb says:

    for some reason song #9 doesn’t work. it says it is in m4e non mp3.


  32. Caleb says:

    not m4e it was m4a does anyone know how I can fix this


    • Steve says:

      That is the file format that label gave me. What media player are you using to play it? You may have to try and use a program to convert it to mp3 if your media player doesn’t support m4a. We tried to get all mp3 but I believe there are 2 m4a tracks on the compilation.

  33. Caleb says:

    Oh, okay windows media player doesn’t support m4a. Thanks for the help.


  34. Chris says:

    Yeah, I dare all of you to download this and listen to the Gnashing of Teeth, Clear Convictions, Creations and Messengers songs. THEY WILL PUMP YOU UP.


  35. This is sick compilation.
    I cannot stop listening to it!!!
    Thank you to all who were a part of this!


  36. Taylor L. says:

    That song by Not One Is Upright is pretty flippin slammin! Really liking what they’re doing.


  37. Nater says:

    Called to Arms has my vote on this comp.

    ForChristSake has some cool moments but they should really stop the clean vocals and repetition.


  38. taras91 says:

    Guys Check This Out.



  39. Steve says:

    Anyone have anything else to say about this compilation good or bad?


  40. Jakedude says:

    I love that there’s 2 South Carolina locals, Hundredth and Divide The Sea, on here :D


  41. Juan says:

    the file of the first link appear worng, please check it


  42. dylanJFFL says:

    Who votes for Design The Skyline to be on the next Songs To Slay The Dragons To? hahahaha


  43. brento says:

    Awesome. A bi late but keen to check some bands i haven’t heard. I also see that my old band is on there. Good stuff Steve !


  44. MrM says:

    Any more of these to come out anytime soon?


  45. brento says:

    Check out @gods love for hardcore on facebook. They have put out 2 HUGE compolations and will put out another 2 more


    • MrM says:

      Wow, thanks! I found the ” A Very Merry Christian Compilation”, but didn’t see another? Regardless, that’s a lot of music, thank you again ^_^

  46. brento says:

    Yeah that one is great! But I must have thought they were both on there. However, I found the right link for you: they are also on FB @christian Deathcore


  47. nathan says:

    Is the first volume of this available anymore??? I can’t find it anywhere


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