Standing Small – Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

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Standing Small – Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

We are pleased to bring you the brand new 2010 album from Standing Small “Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom” and are offering it completely for free to all of you. Recommended for fans of Sleeping at Last, Cool Hand Luke, The Glorious Unseen, Coldplay, and Damien Jurado.

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1. Falling
2. Forsaken
3. Oh Brother
4. Man Overboard
5. Call in the Troops
6. Covered
7. Out of Control
8. Sailing Away
9. Hallowed
10. Two Hands

    Standing Small on the web:

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“Oh they say that there is no condemnation / for those who love God /
but oh, brother there is some other thing / between you and I..”

If one had to describe the Apostle Paul in a single word, it could be
argued that the word would be “honest”. Whether Paul was admonishing
those who had fallen astray, encouraging the faithful, or sharing from
his own faults, Paul was always honest. He spoke from the heart of a
man who had been full of pride and self-righteousness, then broken and
fearful, and subsequently rescued – but still susceptible to his past
failures. If you were able to search the heart of Standing Small, they
would hope you would find this same honesty. Open and sometimes brutal
– their music speaks from that same self-aware brokenness, shame, and

“Oh what I’m called to be / cannot be found in me / and the love I had
has been lost at sea…”

Having toured nearly non-stop for three years and nearing the
completion of their second full-length record (with two EPs in
between), Standing Small is growing more and more aware of their
calling – to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in whatever form set
before them As three, sometimes-four, sometimes-five young men, they
strive to be less about music and more about the song they hear in the
Word; less about rock’n’roll and more about Grace; and less about
popularity and more about the hope that when people listen, whether
they like them or not, those who hear would be encouraged to seek out
and know the heart of Jesus Christ.

“As I drown in all the things that define my heart / there’s a love
that exhales all I’m not.”

If you like the music found on this release, consider donating to Standing Small:
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14 Responses to 'Standing Small – Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom'

  1. sue wheat says:

    I am leaving for work, but i am sure to get this when i get home!!!

  2. Great album… check out my review here! Essay Help On Japans Modernization.

  3. Yeah, I’m definitely grabbing this when I get home!

  4. sue wheat says:

    getting this now…

  5. Jon Campbell says:

    I live the music and the lyrics, but I think a different vocalist would really help this band succeed.

    • C. Lewis says:

      The vocalist (Ryan, I believe) is no Freddy Mercury; but he’s a very good Bob Dylan, if you catch my drift. Bob Dylan proved that a vocalist can give a passionate, enjoyable delivery w/o the traditional smooth-as-butter voice.

      Nevertheless I love this band’s against-the-grain approach.

  6. Dylan says:

    Jon, this band succeeds on so many levels above simple popularity. The singer’s vision for spreading the gospel through music is the reason for that. So before you give your opinion maybe you should rethink your definition of “succeed.”

  7. Jon Campbell says:

    My definition of succeed would be them getting their wonderful message into the ears of as many listeners as possible. I know that most of my friends would not keep listening to his vocals even though the message and the composition are great.

    I’m not a great singer myself but I am just sharing my thoughts after listening to the album.

  8. KeithX says:

    At the risk of sounding critical, I will admit that Jon makes a good point. If I had listened to 30 second sound clips, I wouldn’t have bought this album. But it was a free download, so what the hay? The singer’s voice takes some getting used to, but in the end the journey is definitely worthwhile. I imagine that this group is great live, a real worship experience. I can see hands raised, hearts uplifted, and tears of joying rolling down cheeks. Have patience and this album will reward you.

  9. Master Thesis Expert System. says:


    You are right about the live show. I saw them live before I had ever heard them, and they are incredibly tight and passionate on stage. Very solid band. Of course, it also helped that they played in the midst of ~5 local punk bands ;)

  10. Hello,

    Just wanted to say thank you for even taking the time to share your thoughts on the album. It has been very encouraging to read each one. The critical and the praise. The praise serves to encourage us and keep us going. The critical serves to help us know where we should focus and attempt to get better.

    As for the vocals on this record it has always been a struggle of mine. The previous 2 records were the same. I have never been a good studio vocalist. I don’t dispute that at all. We did the record completely by ourselves and had no oversight on what anyone on the “outside” thought concerning the vocal takes. I think there were times that we were so fatigued we couldn’t discern what was a “good” take and a “bad” one. We also decided against using any sort of vocal tuning as to attempt to be more real because the record is so real to us. It is a true story about our band.

    It is my hope that this reply is nothing of excuse or an attempt to cover up my vocal flaws but simply a look inside the recording if it could serve you.

    We are about to begin the acoustic record the first week of Sept. and we have the next record almost completely written. Vocal lessons are in full effect..hahaha.

    Thanks again for even thinking us enough to mention our attempts.

    In Christ,
    Standing Small

    • Old Hop says:

      I’ve listened to this record probably 20 times through. There are occasions where the lead vocal strains to stay with the song — I think that owes partly to the range and complexity of these compositions. Moreover, in popular music lead vocals one part of a variable aesthetic. On the early My Morning Jacket albums, for example, Jim James’ voice was neither coached nor processed. He was flat on some of the arrangements — but for many listeners including myself this added to, not detracted from, the mood and atmosphere he was creating. The same could be said for Jeff Tweedy and the majority of Bob Dylan’s catalog.

      Likewise, the sense of urgency and introspection on the songs for this LP are enhanced by the vocals. The bgv arrangements on excellent. The instrumental arrangements are second-to-none. These songs are carefully crafted, with details ranging from quiet to bombast, striking the listener from several angles. Fletcher’s voice is that of a man on a treacherous journey with his endangered shipmates; it captures the pathos of a listener who is unsure of his/her own spiritual well-being. If weariness comes across, that is one part of the overall experience.

      But that’s not where this record ultimately leaves you. Listen to it.

    • KeithX says:

      Hey, Ryan, glad to see your comments. I am really loving this album. Hope my earlier comments were taken in the context that I wrote them. I think Old Hop’s comparisons are valid. Add Neal Young in my list, or even Bryce Avary (my wife won’t listen to The Rocket Summer because of Bryce’s voice, but I like it).

      BTW, I had to laugh at the name of the upcoming UPrising tour. I got it, being a troll and all. Man, that’s some beautiful country you are going to be driving through, some say it’s God’s country. Be blessed, and be a blessing!

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