Orion Walsh – Tornado Lullabies

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Orion Walsh – Tornado Lullabies

I am excited to announce that we are offering Orion Walsh’s 2008 full length “Tornado Lullabies” completely for free right here. Just click below to download. Read my review here.

Click Here to Download Orion Walsh “Tornado Lullabies”
(Right Click “Save Target As”, Save to Computer)

    Orion Walsh on the web:



1. Legend of Young Billy
2. Throwing in the Towel
3. The Last American Boy
4. Starting Over On a Western Shore
5. Melt With the Snow
6. Transient Blues
7. Tornado Lullaby
8. When Will They Come For Us
9. The War He Couldn’t Win
10. Look Around

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2 Responses to 'Orion Walsh – Tornado Lullabies'

  1. Andy K says:

    Everyone should download this album, it is so good!


  2. I never thought blues could sound “today”, that it could only sound 1930’s. Orion keeps it fun and modern. Way talented.


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