Days Divide – Aurora

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Days Divide – Aurora
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Band: I Need An Dissertation Writier Bound.

Title: Aurora

Label: N/A

Release Date: 2009

Review by: Rebecca Cicione


  1. All We Know
  2. Edge Of The Earth
  3. Sunset Eyes
  4. Long Sleeves
  5. Uprising
  6. Left Behind
  7. The End Has Come
  8. Burn Away
  9. The Getaway

There are some indie bands that deserve attention from music gurus, avid fans, and labels looking for a great investment.  They are a cut above the rest due to their mature sound, high recording quality, and mature songwriting – but they’re sometimes hard to find.

Apparently, Lexington, KY has been hiding hard rock act Days Divide for a little over a year now. Since forming in 2008, they have toured Germany, played Hot Topic stores, and opened on spot dates for 12 Stones, Run, Kid, Run Fireflight and other Christian rock bands.  They recorded their first album with producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple), and released Aurora in early 2009.

The album begins and ends with solid rock tracks, with never a boring moment. “All We Know” starts the energetic adventure. Within the first few beats, the drumming will get your toes tapping and maybe even your fists pumping. Their music is heavy enough for hard rock fans, with choruses full of catchy lines to make every pop lover sing along. The best example of this can be heard on “Edge of the Earth,” which is arguably the best track on the record. The short guitar solo, imploring vocals and heavy drums all create a sense of urgency and anticipation in the listener.

“Long Sleeves In Summer,” a track reminiscent of Between The Trees’ “The Way She Feels” takes a To Write Love On Her Arms approach at looking at self-injury. There are other songs on this topic in the Christian music world, but this one is certainly memorable enough to stand out. The poignant lyrics cut deep into the issue, and explores the girl’s heartbroken view on life and pain. “She discovered a way to ruin her life; she found relief in each red strip…She ran away from those questioning eyes. Now she has to explain her long sleeves in summer.” When the lead vocalist sings those lines, fans can easily picture the story unfolding.

An even heavier side of Days Divide can be heard on “The End Has Come.”  The vocals and music are noticeably heavier – as well as in “Burn Away.” With aggressive singing and lots of electric guitar, the song also incorporates some well-placed screaming. The screaming isn’t too overbearing and adds just the right touch to intensify the message of the song. A little more than halfway through the track takes a different approach. The music lightens and offers a message of hope, “But redemption will come some day. You are not alone. Just waiting on your beating hearts to change,” before returning to the powerful vigor that was heard in the beginning. Aurora then provides a catchy closer with “The Getaway.” The last song is as good as the first, employing the guitar solos and even a second or two of electronics over the vocals. It provides a great finish to the record.

These guys are good – more than good. While some songs can be identified with other bands in the Christian scene, their catchy rock sound is still infectious and mature.  With aspects of pop, rock, and heavier influences, their music has a little bit for everyone. As one of their songs states, “We’ve got nothing left to hide, it’s time for me to find out what I’m worth…” Well obviously, these guys are worth a second listen; maybe even a third, or fourth!

Days Divide - Aurora, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Great review. I’ll have to check these guys out.

  2. Best Buy Windows 8 14.99. says:

    Definitely! They’re really good. I’ve had the CD playing over and over and over ha

  3. aaronator says:

    Wow, that was a well-written review…I feel like I just listened to the CD after reading the review, maybe I’ll have to go find them online now.

  4. haha for real? why thank you! first legit review i’ve ever written. and yeah aaron, definitely check them out. it’d be well worth it.

  5. Father Norman says:

    Yo!!! Thanks for Rockin our The 3rd Annual LexCath Live 2010!!! You guys did it right–so powerful the powercord couldn’t take it!! Amen!!!may u all be blessed abundantly!! Fr Norman Fischer–chaplain of LCHS!!!

  6. Joeshmooga says:

    Darn it, this album isn’t on iTunes anymore. Now what?

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