Skillet – Awake

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Skillet – Awake
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3.1 (14 votes)

Band: Do My History Essay.
Title: Awake
Label: Dissertation Services In Uk Undergraduate.
Release Date: 8/25/09
Reviewer: Tyler Hess


  1. Hero
  2. Monster
  3. Don’t Wake Me
  4. Awake and Alive
  5. One Day Too Late
  6. It’s Not Me It’s You
  7. Should’ve When You Could’ve
  8. Believe
  9. Forgiven
  10. Sometimes
  11. Never Surrender
  12. Lucy
  13. Dead Inside (Bonus Track)
  14. Would It Matter (Bonus Track)
  15. Monster (Alternate Radio Version)

When talking about Skillet around here, there seems to be two heavy opinions, one based on a love for the older, ever evolving Skillet, while the other is the new found love for the matured arena rock Skillet that they have become of late.  It used to be that no one could really say where the band was going next, as they went through different stages (grunge, worship, rock, etc.), but now it seems that Skillet has finally become predictable.  The good news, for those who are into their current direction, they have become predictable good, with yet another album full of enough hits to really make their live show (where they really strut their stuff) complete.

The album starts off with what has become their first two singles, which strangely enough seem to be opposite of each other, yet a perfect match.  “Hero” is exactly what you would expect it to be about, as the call and answer vocals between vocalist/bassist John Cooper and new drummer Jen Ledger make for an epic song about Jesus being our Hero.  The antithesis, of course, being John’s declaration that he “feels like a monster”.  “Don’t Wake Me” slows things down as the rest of the album has a roller coaster feel of ballads and rock songs.  “Should’ve When You Could’ve”, though not a terrible song, really feels out of place lyrically, basically talking about a girl that liked him when it was too late.  “Forgiven” makes me think it is the bizarro world version of their older song “Forsaken”.  The highlight for me after those first two tracks is a song called “Lucy”, a song of regret, wishing he could have done things differently.

Overall: The strings are toned down a bit from the last album, but Skillet has continued on with their big time rock show with another album of hits that should see them continue to grow, becoming one of the premier headliners in Christian rock.  Not every song is a hit, but I don’t think any of them are really misses either.  I would have liked to see a bit more progression from what we’ve already heard, but I’m not surprised that they’d like to ride their success for as long as they can.

Skillet - Awake, 3.1 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

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102 Responses to 'Skillet – Awake'

  1. my mind has been changed. extol is terrible. i should just leave…

  2. Time Management Powerpoint Presentation. says:

    Nah, The Blueprint Dives is awesome. It’s not that Extol doesn’t get criticized, it’s that they stand up to it and rise above it, creating awesome music every time. The stuff they’ve done since their dc Talk-like hiatus has been sweet too. Aperture – Salvage is a really good worship CD done by David and Peter. If you like the mellower parts of Blueprint, you’ll love this CD.

  3. Windows Downloads Service Pack. says:

    Well I’m on my first spin through right now. After the cookie monster song, Nickelback started playing a ballad … whoops, sorry, it’s still Skillet… Maybe I’m just bitter about not having the new Oh, Sleeper in my hands but we’ll see how the rest of this goes. >_<

  4. EricMc says:

    This will probably be the last Skillet album I purchase. They’ve become boring and predictable and the lyrics have become cheesy and cliche. I’ve tried to keep an interest in Skillet, considering they were one of the first christian rock bands I was into, but I can’t do it anymore.

  5. Dissertation Plan Dialectique Intro click. says:

    I’m not sure yet if I’ll buy another either. I think I’ll still give them a chance but they’ve lost the benefit of the doubt now. I’ll have to listen to singles or whatever they show early to see if I’m interested in purchasing it instead of blindly doing so from now on. I think I’d rate this a 3/10 or maybe a 4/10. :-/

  6. The Gloamglozer says:

    I like it…….but I don’t think it’s as good as comatose as a whole.

  7. guilty party says:

    I have to admit I had big expectations from Skillet to keep fresh and continue to re-invent themselves as a pioner in their genre. Sadly this was not the case – I hit skip, skip, skip, in hopes of finding one gem to hold onto and it never came. This is a sad albumn, The songs are simple, short, and boring. I thought Mat Kearney was the only guy who could blow and albumn, but wow this tops that. Sadly the Christian market will eat it up, and sales will sore, and those who want a quality release will have to suffer more cliche cooker cutter acts. Sigh thank God the bands that know what music is are coming out of retirement.

    I know Living Sacrifice, Focused, Everdown, won’t let their fans down…

  8. Josue W. says:

    Some people here need to drink some Haterade or take some pain pills. My goodness geez! : o

  9. Joey Brown says:

    Well I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. It’s not terrible, but not the best either. Probably a 7/10 for me.
    The thing is though, this isn’t as good as Comatose and this will probably outsell it within a year.

  10. j-rod says:

    Hero has grown on me some, though I won’t argue with the face that it is not genre-blowing.

    Also, can’t you guys forgive Skillet for “screwing up” on an album and give them a chance? They have been given us good music for awhile, so at least give them another chance.

  11. Is It Safe To Order Essay Online. says:

    I’ll give them another chance but I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt anymore. You know, I won’t be buying an album blindly thinking it’ll automatically be worth it anymore.

  12. Rob says:

    I love Skillet, but the songs I have heard off this play like “Comatose: The B-Sides!” and I can’t say I’m too impressed with it.

  13. iSkelly87 says:

    umm red take your fanboy spam elsewhere this is a review about the new skillet cd ‘awake’ you can post stuff like that all you want in the forum in the CORRECT thread. Thanks.

  14. 7red7burns7august7 says:

    you know what, IVM doesn’t mind, and posting that here is a good ideal because it will get allot of views seeing how its a popular new release.

  15. You should email us or you could post in the bands we should check out post not post in random other threads.

  16. 7red7burns7august7 says:

    What is the bands we should check out thread?

  17. Brandon says:

    Hey Red, please use this thread to post your band recommendations:

    Do not post it in other threads or it’ll get deleted. Thanks!

  18. Ryan says:

    There are two Skillets. I like the old one. I can’t muster up any hate for Awake, though; Comatose was so fantastically bad Awake seems like it’s not trying. The album is radio-ready, but this sound is why I don’t listen to the radio. My wife noted immediately that Cooper stole from himself on “Forgiven,” cribbing the bridge from One Real Thing both sonically and lyrically.

    I think christian reviewers and media get so excited about Skillet not because they are producing music of significant quality, but because they are one of the few christian bands “on par” with most real bands. Skillet will not sound out of place on modern radio or on a tour with bands of similar sound and profile. Many christian bands, generic or unique, don’t sound “professional;” Skillet do. And so… people look past the yawning cliched tunes because they cling to Skillet as an example that “christian bands can TOO be good!” *shrugs*

  19. Ryan says:

    <- the irony of a band sounding 'professional' and 'top notch' by playing safe, glossy corporate rock is not lost on me. But that's the music industry… if it was about -quality- the Billboard charts would look an awful lot different…

  20. define quality. stuff that you like, right? right? yea.

  21. Manuel says:

    I completely understand what Ryan is saying.

  22. Brandon says:

    I am listening to this whole album for the first time and I have to say, is this a Bsides disc to “Comatose”? I mean seriously, it sounds exactly the same.

  23. Jeremiah says:

    This album is terrible! lol

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