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Artist: VOTA
Album: VOTA
Label: INO Records
Release Date: February 10, 2009
Reviewed By: Luke J

01. Hard To Believe
02. Be Mine
03. Love’s Taken Over
04. Honestly
05. Not Finished
06. I’ll Go
07. Give It To Me
08. Free To Fail
09. Save Ourselves
10. Bye Bye
11. In My Heart

When it comes to the acronym you have to be extremely careful in its use.  According to dictionary.com an acronym is “a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words”.  So you see, the reader can easily decide that they want to use your acronym as their own.  For example, ETA could mean Easy To Access, LOL could mean Live Our Lives, or VOTA could mean Very Open To Anything.  I hope you catch my drift.

The band VOTA has experienced problems when trying to find a name.  They experimented with Casting Pearls, but failed to make that name stick due to confusion with a group you may have heard of; Casting Crowns.  So they have finally found a name and it happens to be an acronym for Vibration Open Test Assembly (according to my research).  I try to search for words to relate that to the music, the sound, or the band and I find it extremely difficult.  This points to the outcome of their new self-titled album as a whole.  This CD, titled simply VOTA, does not give me any reason to listen more than once or twice.  I have questions when I listen,  like “are connections in the music industry all it takes to get signed to a major label?”, or “why do musicians make music just to have that music get lost in the smorgasbord of similar bands?”  When I try to categorize the music made by VOTA  it is very easy because there are close to thirty other bands like it in the Christian market.  If you don’t know what I mean, let me explain.  The sound has a distinct rock ‘n’ roll sound and consists of a lot of guitar chords being strummed – Newsboys style, bass guitar being picked – Jeremy Camp style, and drums that rock – TobyMac style.  I’m not saying that VOTA has copied the bands I have listed, but I’m sure if you played both back-to-back the sound would be hard to differentiate.  The CD does contain a lot of “radio-friendly” hits (I use the term loosely), but that is where I have a problem, I don’t usually like the “radio-friendly” hit.  The band has not taken any risks with the music, therefore, VOTA gets lost with the score of similar sounding bands that have tried this before.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to end the review here because these words do not contain a hint of this CD being good.  That being said, it is not hard to find positives here.  VOTA is full of catchy guitar chords, amazingly positive lyrics, great radio playability, and it serves as a great alternative to what secular radio presents in Tom Cochrane or Bryan Adams.  At least there are some positives to VOTA, much like there are positives to using an acronym.  TTYL. 

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VOTA - VOTA, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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33 Responses to 'VOTA – VOTA'

  1. Maybe I’m a little skeptical, but 3 seems a little low. But who am I say to say? I didn’t review it. Doubt I’ll check them out, that being said.

  2. Yah man, different for me to do a review on a CD I didn’t like. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Trenton says:

    Wow, a CHristian-based site gave a negative review. I don’t like VOTA anyway, but it something I noticed. Assuming if this site still has this article, try patrolmag.com’s article on Christian sites giving too many positive reviews.

  4. There are a wide variety of sites that do reviews on the internet. Some tend to give all positive reviews and then there’s the other end that tend to be elitist and give low scores to almost everything.

    The review score an album receives on any site really depends more upon personal opinion rather than some ultimate standard of judgment. Scores are basically pointless, save to give an idea of what the author thinks. If I had to read a review I’d much rather just read a write-up of what the person thought rather than see a scoring system. It is nearly impossible to have a standard scoring system since it’s all based on opinion. For example, I might give an album a 5/5 because I think it’s a great album overall. However, there’s many who would disagree and would give it a 2/5 or whatever. Does that mean one person is right and one is wrong? No, it means both authors shared opinions on the album. That’s all.

    However, each reader can from that point begin to get an idea of where the reviewer and the various websites stand. You find websites/reviewers, whose judgment you trust, and who will point out new bands that you’d like.

    So to answer Diego (not picking on you, just using as an example)… There are people that probably love that Julian Drive album, regardless of either of our opinions on it. There’s no real reason that it shouldn’t be ranked that high, since obviously the reviewer liked it and they are simply sharing their opinion.

    Hopefully that all made sense. Feel free to disagree.

    • Diego says:

      reviewer must try to be the most obetive as possible, and actually you can rate an album by his creativity, technique or if it is original or not, I think that’s being objetive.
      I hope you can understand my point, my apologize for my english.

  5. And for me personally, I choose not to waste my limited free time reviewing an album that I don’t want to listen to. Why waste my time and everyone else’s by ripping it to shreds?

  6. http://ypc.yale.edu/essay-service-writing/ Essay Service Writing. says:

    “And for me personally, I choose not to waste my limited free time reviewing an album that I don

  7. Manuel says:

    I actually thought this album was quite catchy, like Capital Lights. My opinion though.

  8. Totally disagree about the whole objective reviews thing.

  9. Jess T says:

    In response to Josh maybe each reviewer should start out with a baseline. They pick 3 albums that absolutey stink in their opinion and then 3 albums that are phenomenal so readers know what their taste is and if they would agree with the review. Then if they don’t have the same tastes they can look into the album themselves… yes?? :)

  10. Well it’s okay if you couple of staff members want to offer a different take of opinion on a certain album, and one that’s not quite favorable. However, you probably won’t see me personally write a negative review just because I don’t feel it’s necessary. That’s okay though because I don’t write too many reviews. lol.

  11. Thanks for all of the comments guys! I was hoping for this type of response. My opinion is obviously that I’m going to post reviews on bands I don’t like because it challenges me more as a noobie writer. I also agree with Trenton about the amount of positive reviews out there. If I can change that a small bit, I’m pleased.

    Again, thanks for the comments folks!

  12. tyler h says:

    i hate scoring things. and numbers mean nothing without comparing them to some kind of a description to what it means. a 6 to me might mean a 3 to luke. we might both like something the same amount and yet give it a different score. i gave something a 4 once that i pretty much hated. some might have given it a 1, others a 7 and still liked it the same amount.

    i always compare scores to high school grades. others might base scores on some kind of a continuum comparing it to all albums ever. i’d rather just say what kind of music it is and hopefully you can read my words and tell if i actually liked it or not. i also wouldnt mind a thumbs up vs thumbs down. blah.

  13. http://americanmaint.org/guaranteed-a-we-write-your-essay/ Guaranteed A We Write Your Essay. says:

    I don’t care if you don’t like the band or the music, that’s fine – but get the facts straight.

    Casting Pearls formed in 1997. Casting Crowns, 1999. Of course Crowns is more famous, but that isn’t Pearls fault. Casting Pearls has been pretty big in the midwest for years. Their first major label CD is fantastic if you like catchy rock that would never make it to the radio. Then they took a break b/c, oh, the singer JOINED THE NEWSBOYS.

    Yeah, so the name VOTA isn’t so great. But would you really want to be in Casting Crown’s shadow forever? I think you rambled on too long about the band name, but that’s preference. I prefer you talk more about the music. I’ll buy it soon.

  14. tyler h says:

    ha. thats the last band i thought the W would fight to the death for haha

  15. John Wayne says:

    Oh it’s on H… It’s on.

  16. tyler h says:

    its on with me? i didnt diss them, i havent even listened to them, just didnt seem like the band you’d care much for other than the newsboys connection.

  17. IMO, as long as you don’t rip a band to shreds when reviewing an album you didn’t like then it’s all good. Constructive criticism is way more helpful to a band than all of the hate or Myspace love (OMG, this album is the best thing since sliced bread!!!1!) they’ll ever get. If we can do that for them and outsiders who don’t know about a band then that’s a good thing. Just gotta keep it about the music.

  18. John Wayne says:

    It’s just that Casting Pearls Self-Titled is so good… that’s why I defend. Cannot comment on VOTA until I buy it… if I can find it.

  19. Brandon says:

    What Michael said I agree with. I’m not into ripping bands to shreds like this:

    “like omg this band are total posers and they suck at life. The guitarist is a total loser, don’t buy this record”

    Those kind of comments I do not approve of and I wouldn’t want them in either my review or any other staff member’s review.

  20. tyler h says:

    I approve of making fun of Brandon in any and all reviews.

  21. Griffin says:

    I totally agree, Brandon. I too find it very unprofessional to use the phrase “omg” in reviews. The phrase should appear thus:

    “This band is comprised of many complex individuals, all of whom are total poseurs. I believe they come from India and were born into the caste of ‘the suckfest.’ I met their guitarist once in a bathroom and he was peeing sitting down for no valid reason; that’s the kind of pansy who would join this band. If you buy this record, Jesus will send you to hell.”

    Note the “British” spelling of “poseurs.” Now that is how it’s done.

    Tune in next Monday for more “Writing Tips from Headless.” Until then, remember God made you special and he loves you very much.

  22. Colt says:

    Veggie Tales, ftw!

  23. Chris W says:

    HAHAHAH griffin.

    I agree with brandon, why review something you cant stand? why spend your time to write about how much you dont like it. this is why i still have not reviewed Elgibbor, because i CANNOT sit through it (however if someone else wants to i say go for it)

  24. Diego says:

    oh, I wasn’t read the whole review X_X, agree with brandon

  25. Brandon says:

    Sure go ahead and make fun of me. I’m crying, now how do you feel about yourselves. Thanks….[heads off to hang head in shame].

  26. tyler h says:

    i review anything given to me by brandon or a band for review. i figure the least i can do is describe what the album is like and let others decide if that is the kinda stuff they are into or not. i may not particiularly like a style of music, but that doesn’t mean its terrible, necessarily, and that isn’t the band’s fault that they are stoopid and don’t play punk rock. i try to be fair.

  27. Griffin says:

    Umm…wouldn’t it be the band’s fault that they don’t play punk rock? If not, whose fault is it?

  28. Tyler.H says:

    its always the mother’s fault. or society. its usually one of those two.

  29. Teener says:

    TO me…it seems that Christian music is more about the message. That’s what I get when I listen to VOTA> I totally dig the message they are putting across. It’s easier to listen to music when you have heard similar stuff. Especially if you are not normally a fan of Christian music. I loved the 2 songs that I heard on Air1 radio. Honestly, and Hard to believe, because of the message, not because I was listening being critical of the music…but maybe that’s why I don’t do reviews…lol. :)

  30. VOTA fan says:

    Just a thing on their name–I was in a Bible study with their manager and he said it means absolutely nothing. It just sounded cool.

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