Philmont – Oh Snap EP

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Philmont – Oh Snap EP
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Normally when you see a charging rhino, you wanna get out of the way. In the case of our blue and purple friend on the cover of this album, however, you will want to keep a safe but interested distance. Or at least I will. Fans of Eleventyseven, Cute Is What We Aim For, and Relient K will rush in close and give that rhino a hug, embracing the catchy pop-punk sound of Philmont, but for now it’s something I will admire from afar. Once my favorite genre, I lost interested when Hawk Nelson became the poster-boy, a band that started out without a lot of skill and later on just became boring. Had it been Philmont who took Relient K’s place back then, I may have stuck around a bit longer. Their music is full of soaring vocal harmonies combine with charging guitars that play more than just basic chords. The result is something takes the strong energy of bands like Ivoryline or Anberlin and mixes it with the catchy, accessible melodies of bands like Third Eye Blind or Fall Out Boy. If you’re still digging the pop-punk sound, then this EP is definitely for you. If you normally aren’t too impressed but enjoy Anberlin or Relient K, then Philmont is worth an inquisitive listen.

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Artist: Philmont
Album: Oh Snap EP
Label: Forefront Records
Release Date: August 19, 2008
Reviewer: Eric Pettersson

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1. I Can’t Stand to Fall
2. The Difference
3. Another Name
4. My Hippocratic Oath
5. Photosynthesis

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Eric Pettersson is from Reading, PA and a graduate of La Salle University in Philadelphia with degrees in Communication and Religion. He wrote regularly for IVM 2005-2011. Now he has his own website, Explore Reading, "a progressive guide to the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. Follow him at View all posts by Eric Pettersson

30 Responses to 'Philmont – Oh Snap EP'

  1. Brian A says:

    I know some of the guys in the band personally. They are from my hometown. I have received word that the EP will actually be hitting music stores in a few months. They are wrapping up the final touches of their full length as well and world on that album is a release day of late summer.

  2. fusse says:

    Eric, did you figure out the album art function all by yourself!? If yes, well done my friend! (I fixed your Abandon review previously).

    I still need to get my hands on this one. Probably something I’d really enjoy.

  3. Brian A says:

    Here is the itunes store link if anyone wants to buy the album. It’s a great price! Only $5!

  4. fusse says:

    I don’t buy anything from itunes store. I hate the low bitrate and drm. Plus I can only access Finnish itunes store which hardly carries any of these indie titles anyway…

  5. Eric says:


    Yeah, I saw it on the side and figured I could try it out. Not too hard.

  6. The Headless Horseman says:

    “…[A] band that started out without a lot of skill and later on just became boring.”


  7. John says:

    i took a similar but different view:

    didn’t like the EP. thought hello jack or whatever was good fun

  8. Lizajanie says:

    I LOVE this EP! Can’t wait until the release of the full CD — HURRY! I actually like PHILMONT better than Relient K. Their musicality is as good or better and their lyrics are genius. I think the name of the last song is something other than “Photosynthesis.” You may want to check out the title again.

  9. The Mobile Horseman says:

    Though John’s review wins due to clever use of alliteration, both are good.

  10. Brandon says:

    I actually liked this ep so down with the haterz!

  11. linds4lif says:

    Relient K>>>>>>>>>>Philmont

    I do like this EP, I am pretty sure the last song is called “Photosynthesis” Lizajanie

  12. The Mobile Horseman says:

    *Onomatopoeia, not alliteration.

  13. John says:

    old philmont >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> relient lame.

  14. Tyler.H says:

    its okay, linds, John is our resident RK hater, he’s mostly harmless :)

  15. Tyler.H says:

    p.s.: get gravatars, you two!

  16. Levi G says:

    “The Difference” is intriguing, but I can only take so much pop-punk. I’m unsure about whether I’m gonna buy it sometime. We’ll see.

  17. matt b says:

    the eleventyseven and cute is what we aim for comparisons definitely turned me off.

    big time

  18. Tyler.H says:

    i like eleventyseven, i’m pretty sure i’m the only one around here :(

  19. John says:

    i’ll take you! we can take this to the forums (i’m lolzlandmang on the forums). i’ll fight for my beliefs to the death! rk is terrible

  20. Tyler.H says:

    let’s get ready to rumble

  21. linds4lif says:


  22. Travis May says:

    We opened for these guys in Greensboro NC. They are the real deal and very talented. The EP is great too. It is one my wife and kids asked to be played…………

  23. linds4lif says:

    ^ How in the heck do you release your anger on a computer?

  24. linds4lif says:

    Oh what’s a gravatar?

    Relient K>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Philmont>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a random blade of grass>>>>>>John

  25. tyler h says:

    its the picture next to your name, to get one go to

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