A Very Indie Christmas Vol. 1

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A Very Indie Christmas Vol. 1
Various Artists
All artwork by Isaac Ohman

In celebration of all things Christmas we thought we’d bring you our latest compilation just in time for the holidays. Here you will find a few Christmas numbers as well as non-Christmas tracks from a large number of artists. This is our most diverse yet and many different styles are represented. I’d like to thank Ethos Records, Secret Service Entertainment, Logos Entertainment, Facedown/Strikefirst/Dreamt, Ulterium Records, Retroactive Records, and Blood and Ink for all contributing tracks.

Download the compilation: (in two parts)
A_Very_Indie_Christmas_Vol._1-01.zip (127MB)
A_Very_Indie_Christmas_Vol._1-02.zip (120MB)
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Click Here to Download “Christmas Time” by Esterlyn
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Bands Contributing to A Very Indie Christmas Vol. 1

1. Aevory Nash “High Places”
2. All Have Fallen “Hold The Tears Back”
3. All In “Charles Barkley” *Appears courtesy of Blood and Ink Records
4. All or Nothing “A Million Venomous Snakes” *Appears courtesy of Ethos Records
5. Arkeo “Miserable Ones”
6. Awake! Awake! “The Coming Night”
7. Blood and Water “Alone in My Principles”
8. Blue Cadet and the Brave December “Testimonies of Swords, Saints, and Scoundrels”
9. Camaria “Like a Bird”
10. Cinthia Mejia “Not Forgotten”
11. A Common Occurance “Joy to the World”
12. The Concept “Sunlight”
13. Curbsquirrels “Sun Vs Moon”
14. Fayda “Regards Wormwood” *Appears courtesy of Secret Service Entertainment
15. Goodnight Caulfield “All You’ve Got”
16. Hazel and Vine “Fly by Kite” *Appears courtesy of Ethos Records
17. A Hope for Home “Iniquity: An Offering” *Appears courtesy of Strikefirst Records
18. Hope for the Dying “Our Fallen Comrades” *Appears courtesy of Strikefirst Records
19. Jerome Madigan “Sunshine” *Appears courtesy of Eden Records
20. Just Like Josiah “Harmonics”
21. Kevin and the Octaves “O Come All Ye Faithful” *Appears courtesy of Nice Guy Records
22. Kiros “Hurricane” *Appears courtesy of Torque Records
23. Knee Deep in Stereo “Running Against the Wind”
24. Lilly Among Thorns “Awake”
25. The Mess “Cold War”
26. The Molly Chambers “Reputation Conversation”
27. A Moments Notice “Oh God” *Appears Courtesy of Logos Entertainment
28. Mxpx “So This is Christmas” *Appears courtesy of Tooth and Nail Records
29. My Epic “Men in Little Houses” *Appears courtesy of Dreamt Music
30. Now the Nursery “Ambiosis”
31. Out of Hiding “The Desperation”
32. Party or Die! “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” *Appears courtesy of Future Destination Records
33. Push Push Pull “Baby Shake it Off” *Appears courtesy of Logos Entertainment
34. The Rekoning “I Believe” *Appears courtesy of Strike First Records
35. Safe Haven “A Lost Letter”
36. Saints Never Surrender “Companion” *Appears courtesy of Blood and Ink Records
37. Tim Serdynski “No Place Like Home”
38. To Tell “Here Comes Christmas”
39. Venia “The Hurting” *Appears courtesy of Blood and Ink Records
40. Yours for Mine “Absence is Elegance” *Appears courtesy of Blood and Ink Records
41.  The Advantage “Listen”
42. Failure to Excel “Find My Way”
43. Theocracy “On Eagle’s Wings” *Appears courtesy of Ulterium Records
44. Harmony “Rain” *Appears Courtesy of Ulterium Records
45. Grave Robber “Schizofiend” *Appears courtesy of Retroactive Records
46. Main Line Riders “Throwing Bones to the Wolves” *Appears courtesy of Retroactive Records
47. Onelastcall “Straight to the Moon!”
48. Ocean is Theory “More Than Conquerors”
49. Ursa Robotica “Arcadia Exeter” (Instrumental Version)
50. Endeavor the Seas “Untie Your Brothers”
Coolfield “Let it Snow”
Esterlyn “Christmas Time”
Mendelson “What’s Mine is Yours” (Mxpx Cover)

A Very Indie Christmas Vol. 1

About the author Brandon J.

I am 36 years old living in Orange County, CA. with my wife, 2 children, and one teenager. I enjoy living a life for God, Family, Passionate music, the ocean, the mountains, gardening, and working in the Machining industry (Real Job). I founded this site in July of 2000 and love the community we have here. View my new personal blog here. (Check me out on Twitter @brandonaaero) View all posts by Brandon J.

85 Responses to 'A Very Indie Christmas Vol. 1'

  1. bec says:

    Thanks anyway. Not sure why I can’t download part 1 but can part 2. sorry for all the fuss. :D


  2. Chris W says:

    thats ok, all the good bands are on part 2 hahaha j/k


  3. I downloaded the first part and it worked fine for me! Listening to Esterlyn right now =)


  4. Brandon says:

    Sometimes these downloads work for some people’s computers and sometimes they don’t. I have never once had an Indie Vision Music download not work on one of my two computers unless I uploaded it wrong or the file was too big or something. I am really surprised people still care about this download considering it’s from a year ago.


  5. schlottermann says:

    Will there ever be a Very Indie Christmas Vol 2?


    • Brandon says:

      It was so much work the first time and I just dont have enough hours in the day to email each band and push them to record a Christmas tune. I would love to but I doubt I could make it happen in time.

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