Falling Up- "Captiva"

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Falling Up- "Captiva"
3.8 (4 votes)

Band: Falling Up
Album Title: Captiva
Label: Tooth and Nail Records
Release Date: 10/02/07
Review by: Nate

1. A Guide To Marine Life
2. Hotel Aquarium
3. Goodnight Gravity
4. Captiva
5. Helicopters
6. Maps
7. How They Made Cameras
8. Good Morning Planetarium
9. Murexa
10. Drago or The Dragons
11. Arc To Archtilles
12. The Dark Side Of Indoor Track Meets



8.5 out of 10


Here is a short and sweet review of what I think is one of the catchiest CD of the year.

8.5 out of 10? For Falling Up? Yep. Why? Well in complete honesty, Falling Up has always had the opportunity to release a ground breaking CD. Their talent, their music style, their mixing, it was all there. But after two full lengths, (for most) opportunity turned into dissapointment. Especially after their sophmore release, it seemed that Falling Up couldn’t produce something that didn’t sound like their last album. Creativity seemed lost and it almost appeared to be a one hit wonder band. Why all this background? Well because I think its the comeback that makes this disc, Captiva, so enriching.

This CD is a huge breakaway from the Falling Up norm. Right from the start, A Guide To Marine Life opens the album off with a unique tone of music, but an extremely catchy chorus that beckons a sing-along. Their radio single, Hotel Aquarium introduces a little more rock into the bands resume. Goodnight Gravity continues the rock style but with more of a punk-rock slant. Murexa brings the hardest tone to the album, giving the slight urge to bang your head a little bit. (Yes, its ok to bang your head Falling Up now…). Drago or The Dragons intros some interesting sounds if strings for the song but again it fits the Falling Up experimental vibe. The second to last track, Arc To Archtilles, proves to be one of my favorite tracks, with its slow piano opening, calm vibe verses, and chill lyrics.

Admittedly its hard to cap each song with a descriptive tag. The songs all seem to have their own feel, which is very important. This is why I find this CD to be Falling Up’s best so far. Distinctive. They didn’t have to change their electronica thankfully, for them to expand their styles a little more… but not too much. They seemed to pinch just the right amount of goodness into this CD to make it a very successful comeback album.

Falling Up- "Captiva", 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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6 Responses to 'Falling Up- "Captiva"'

  1. Brandon says:

    I dont own this so I cant really comment. Hopefully it’s better than the Thousand Foot Krutch disc because that one is well, never mind….

  2. Nate says:

    Worlds better. Obviously if you read the the review. But i still thought more people would have a say on this. Their best disc to date.

  3. Levi G says:

    I haven’t picked it up. Mostly because I liked them before but hadn’t liked them quite enough to buy an album. Once I heard the preview songs from this on Purevolume, I lost interest and felt like they were taking backward musical steps. If the whole album is better than the clips I heard, then that’s a different story.

    Hey, you wanted a comment :)

  4. The Headless Horseman says:

    hahaha. Sorry, Nate.

    I second Levi’s post, essentially. I liked Crashings but thought they needed to grow somewhat, and I think Dawn Escapes is a really fantastic record (9/10), which developed a great sound and energy for them. The only song I liked from this that they released on their Purevolume was “Goodnight Gravity,” and I think their sound change hurt them badly. I’ll pick it up when it’s cheap, but I’m waiting.

    I disagree with your comments about their previous work. I think Dawn Escapes took the sound that worked on Crashings and made it mature. Expanded it. From what I’ve heard of Captiva, it drained all the hooks and energy out. Dawn Escapes sounded full, in addition to being ridiculously fun and catchy. Captiva seems to glisten, and it’s rather dull and dumbed-down.

    Like I said, when it’s $5 or so, I’ll grab it.

  5. Kjelse says:

    This album is my absolute favorite of Falling Up’s. I loved their first two, but here the electronica stands out with haunting string melodies and harmonies. And the songs are super catchy–I’m constantly playing “A Guide to Marine Life” in my head. This is the only album that I’ve listened to for a while now…it’s like I can’t stop listening to it. It is simply incredible, that they were able to mix punk rock and electronica and haunting soundtrack-type music together. Clips don’t do it justice–you have to hear the whole album at once. It leaves you dreamy, like you just witnessed an entire story unfold through music.

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